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Cascina pian d'or Az. Agricola di Barbero Valter, Italy

Cascina Pian d'Or 'Serena' Sparkling Sweet Red, Italy

Cascina Pian d'Or 'Serena' Sparkling Sweet Red, Italy

Step into the world of Serena, where sweet doesn't mean cloying. This isn't your typical sweet red; it's a symphony of Moscato, Brachetto, and Freisa grapes that dances on the palate. Its low alcohol content of 5% means it's light, refreshing, and never overpowering.

Serena's allure lies in its balance - a delightful interplay of rose aromas and rhubarb-strawberry pie notes that entice without overwhelming. Its raspberry and cherry flavors meld into a rich, complex finish, while the lightly "frizzante" nature adds a playful twist.

Ideal for those cautious of overly sweet wines, Serena is the perfect companion for a range of desserts. Imagine it alongside a fruit tart, enhancing the flavors without dominating. It's also a charming aperitif, ready to start your meal on a high note. Give Serena a try, and let its nuanced sweetness surprise you.


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