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SRC Vini, Italy

SRC 'Rivaggi' Etna Rosso, Sicily, Italy

SRC 'Rivaggi' Etna Rosso, Sicily, Italy

2020 SRC 'Rivaggi' Etna Rosso, Sicily, Italy

Overview: The 2020 SRC 'Rivaggi' Etna Rosso embodies the fiery spirit and rich heritage of Sicily’s famed Mount Etna. This wine, a sophisticated blend of Nerello Mascalese and Grenache from old vines, speaks of volcanic vigor and meticulous organic farming. With SRC's commitment to natural and biodynamic practices, this wine is a true testament to the unique terroir of Etna's northern slopes.

Product Details:

  • Varietals: Nerello Mascalese, Grenache
  • Region: Sicily, Italy
  • ABV: 13.5%
  • Vineyard Management: Organic and biodynamic farming
  • Fermentation: Natural and slow with indigenous yeasts
  • Aging: Large old barrels

Sensory Description: The 2020 SRC 'Rivaggi' Etna Rosso captivates with its complex and elegant profile. The nose reveals an enticing bouquet of red berry fruit, underscored by notes of fresh mint and rich tobacco. On the palate, it delivers vibrant bursts of red fruit, seamlessly integrated with a bristling vein of acidity that keeps the wine lively and balanced. The finish is long, with lingering hints of spice and earthy undertones.

Estate History: SRC is a family-run winery founded in 2013 by Rori and Cinzia, along with their daughter Sandra. The name SRC derives from the first initials of their names, symbolizing their unity and dedication to the land. The estate spans about 17 hectares across five distinct districts on Mount Etna’s northern slopes: Crasà, Calderara, Rivaggi, Barbabecchi, and Pirao. These terraced vineyards benefit from fresh volcanic soils and high altitudes, creating exceptional conditions for viticulture. SRC employs biodynamic practices, utilizing wild herbs and local sheep for natural vineyard management. In the cellar, they favor natural fermentations and minimal intervention, eschewing sulfur to let the true character of the grapes shine through.

Serving Suggestions: The 2020 SRC 'Rivaggi' Etna Rosso is best enjoyed at around 60-65°F (15-18°C). It pairs beautifully with a variety of dishes, from grilled lamb and hearty stews to roasted vegetables and aged cheeses. For an authentic Sicilian experience, try it alongside traditional dishes such as pasta alla Norma or caponata. This wine also has the structure and complexity to develop further with age, making it a wonderful addition to any cellar.


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