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Collet, France

Collet ‘Art Deco’ Premier Cru Brut Champagne, France

Collet ‘Art Deco’ Premier Cru Brut Champagne, France

"Elegance Reimagined: The Art Deco Inspiration" - Champagne Collet' Art Déco' Premier Cru

A Toast to Artistic Excellence

The Collet' Art Déco' Premier Cru Brut is a vibrant homage to the elegance and creativity of the Art Deco era, reflecting the high standards and exceptional craftsmanship of Maison Collet. This iconic cuvée is a testament to the winery's dedication to excellence, capturing the spirit of innovation and elegance that defines both the art movement and this exceptional champagne.

Assemblage of Distinction

Crafted from an exquisite blend of 7 Grands Crus and 13 Premiers Crus, this champagne is a harmonious symphony of the Champagne region's finest terroirs. With 40% Chardonnay from Vertus leading the ensemble, it offers a refreshing burst of tonicity, citrus notes, and a vibrant freshness that is the hallmark of the finest Chardonnay. The Premier Cru of Villers-Marmery adds mineral complexity and smoky nuances, reflecting the unique limestone soil of the area. The blend is balanced with 40% Pinot Noir, sourced from historic Crus such as Aÿ and Hautvillers, adding depth, richness, and subtle power to the palate. The final touch of 20% Meunier from Ville-Dommange envelops the assemblage in roundness and supple texture, completing this masterful creation.

Product Details:

  • Region: Champagne, France
  • Varietal Composition: Chardonnay (40%), Pinot Noir (40%), Meunier (20%)
  • Color: Luminous lemon yellow
  • Alcohol Content (ABV): 12%
  • Aging: Minimum of 4 years

A Canvas of Aromas and Flavors

The champagne greets the senses upon the first pour with a luminous lemon-yellow hue and a dance of fine, tonic bubbles. The nose opens with a delicate floral bouquet of white flowers and tulips, weaving in zesty layers of lemon peel, lime, and ripe citrus. This fruity ensemble is gracefully accented by a diverse palette of apple, pear, and pineapple, with quince jelly adding a sweet contrast. Smoky notes, anise, and a hint of lavender honey add complexity and allure to the aromatic profile. The palate is caressed by a creamy texture, revealing citrus, lime, and juicy pineapple flavors, complemented by crisp apples, smoky undertones, and a savory hint of sea salt. A finishing stroke of honey leaves a lasting impression, making this cuvée genuinely unforgettable.

Gastronomic Pairings: A Culinary Art

The Brut Art Deco Premier Cru is a champagne of unparalleled versatility and elegance, ideal for elevating any gourmet meal. Its refined structure and complex flavor profile make it an excellent companion to light meats, such as young pigeon or veal carpaccio, and a perfect match for the delicate flavors of fish like red mullet. This cuvée's ability to harmonize with sophisticated dishes showcases Maison Collet's commitment to creating champagnes as much a part of fine dining as they are of celebration.

The Champagne Collet' Art Déco' Premier Cru is not just a drink but an experience, inviting connoisseurs to savor a piece of history infused with the timeless appeal of Art Deco elegance. Each sip is a journey through the rich tapestry of Champagne's terroir, crafted with skill, passion, and a deep respect for tradition.


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