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Kovács Nimród Winery

Kovacs Nimrod Winery 'Sky' Fermint, Eger, Hungary

Kovacs Nimrod Winery 'Sky' Fermint, Eger, Hungary

Kovacs Nimrod Winery 'Sky' 2020, Eger, Hungary

Overview: Kovacs Nimrod Winery presents the 2020 vintage of 'Sky', a Furmint that captures the essence of the Grand Superior terroir of the Nagy-Eged Mountain. Perched 350 meters above sea level, this wine is a testament to the unique limestone minerality of its birthplace. Named in honor of the first grandchild of founder-owner Nimród Kovács, 'Sky' is a precious gift from a mere hectare of vineyard.

Product Details:

  • Composition: 100% Furmint
  • Vineyard Location: Nagy-Eged-hill
  • Harvest Date: October 8-9, 2020
  • Yield Restriction: 25 q/ha
  • TA (Total Acidity): 6.9 g/l
  • Alcohol: 14.5% V/V
  • Production: 3,500 bottles
  • Sulphur: 23 mg/l free sulphur


  • Fermented in oak barrels
  • Aged for 10 months in a combination of 500-liter and 225-liter oak barrels
  • 11% French oak and 89% Hungarian oak
  • Barrels used: 60% second fill and 40% old barrels

Sensory Description: 'Sky' offers a vibrant bouquet that marries the distinct limestone minerality of Nagy-Eged Mountain with subtle notes of ripe fruit. On the palate, it unfolds layers of crisp green apple, pear, and a touch of honey, all balanced by a refreshing acidity and a hint of oak spice. The finish is long and elegant, echoing the wine's mineral-rich origins.

Winemaker's Background: Kovacs Nimrod Winery, nestled in the historic wine region of Eger, Hungary, is dedicated to producing exceptional wines that reflect the unique characteristics of their terroir. Founded by Nimród Kovács, the winery emphasizes traditional methods and meticulous craftsmanship. The 'Sky' Furmint is a tribute to the winery's commitment to quality and family heritage, embodying the rich legacy of the Nagy-Eged Mountain.

Serving Suggestions: For optimal enjoyment, serve 'Sky' at 50-54°F (10-12°C). This versatile wine pairs beautifully with seafood, poultry, and creamy cheeses, making it an excellent choice for both casual gatherings and elegant dinners. Cheers!


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