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Barrell 'Batch 032' Bourbon, Kentucky

Barrell 'Batch 032' Bourbon, Kentucky

Barrell Craft Spirits: Unveiling the Essence of Batch 032 Bourbon

A Symphony of Nature and Craftsmanship

In the heart of Kentucky, Barrell Craft Spirits emerges as a beacon of innovation and excellence, meticulously crafting the epitome of American whiskey. Founded by Joe Beatrice and propelled by the expertise of Tripp Stimson and Nic Christiansen, this Louisville-based distillery has, since 2013, redefined the landscape of independent blending with its bold, cask-strength creations. Barrell 'Batch 032' Bourbon is no exception, standing as a testament to their commitment to surprise and delight aficionados and novices.

History and Pedigree: The Art of Blending Mastery

Under the visionary leadership of Joe Beatrice and the skilled hands of Tripp Stimson and Nic Christiansen, Barrell Craft Spirits has quickly ascended to the pinnacle of American whiskey crafting. Specializing in unique, aged, cask-strength whiskey and rum, their blending expertise has garnered international acclaim, winning prestigious awards and setting new benchmarks in quality and creativity.

Production Highlights: A Bold Fusion of Flavors

Batch 032 is a masterclass in the art of blending, where each component is meticulously chosen to contribute to a complex yet harmonious whole. Crafted with an unwavering dedication to innovation, this Bourbon showcases the distillery's prowess in creating spirits that push the boundaries of traditional whiskey making.

Product Details: A Testament to Quality

  • Style: Bourbon
  • ABV: 57.67%
  • Country: United States

Sensory Perception: An Ode to Nature's Bounty

The nose of Batch 032 is a vivid landscape of a wildflower meadow in full bloom, intertwined with the richness of late summer fruits and underscored by the earthy tones of fresh oak and cedar. It unfolds like a story on the palate, with the richness of cinnamon rolls and the zing of wasabi and ginger, all grounded by the earthiness of boiled peanuts and French butter. The finish is a refreshing sea spray and lemonade splash, leaving a lasting impression of raspberry eau-de-vie and pastis.

Pairings and Occasions: Beyond the Glass

Batch 032 finds its perfect expression in the Port Royal cocktail, a blend of Barrell Bourbon, Pineau des Charantes, banana-infused Barrell Rum, Velvet Falernum, and chocolate bitters, garnished with a dehydrated banana chip. Like the Bourbon itself, this cocktail is an invitation to explore the depths of flavor and craftsmanship.

Barrell Craft Spirits' Batch 032 Bourbon is more than just a whiskey; it's a journey through the senses, celebrating the distillery's relentless pursuit of excellence. Whether savored neat or as the cornerstone of an exquisite cocktail, it stands as a beacon of innovation, inviting whiskey lovers to discover the unparalleled complexity and depth of American Bourbon.


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