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Cavicchioli & Figli, Italy

Cavicchioli & Figli 1928 Prosecco Extra Dry, Veneto, Italy

Cavicchioli & Figli 1928 Prosecco Extra Dry, Veneto, Italy

"Bubbling Over with Tradition: Cavicchioli 1928 Prosecco Extra Dry's Venetian Charm"

History and Pedigree:

Nestled in the heart of Italy's Emilia-Romagna region, Cantine Cavicchioli has been synonymous with exceptional winemaking since its inception in 1928 by Umberto Cavicchioli. In a picturesque village near Modena, Umberto transformed a passion for his land and its fruits into a legacy, pioneering the bottling of Lambrusco under the moon's auspicious phases. This family-owned estate, now stewarded by successive generations of Cavicchiolis, has expanded its vision while honoring its roots, crafting wines that capture the essence of Italian viticulture. The Cavicchioli 1928 Prosecco Extra Dry represents a delightful venture into the sparkling wines of Veneto, carrying forward the family's commitment to quality and tradition.

Production Highlights:

With 85% Glera and 15% complementary grapes, this Prosecco is a testament to the fertile terroir of Veneto, benefiting from the region's temperate climate, constant ventilation, and ideal sun exposure. The vineyards, positioned between the sea and the Pre-Alps, experience frequent summer showers, contributing to the grapes' health and flavor profile. Following a careful harvest, the wine undergoes meticulous vinification to achieve its signature sparkling character, marked by a lively perlage and a harmonious balance of freshness and aromatic depth.

Product Details:

  • Region: Veneto, Italy
  • Wine Style: Sparkling
  • Varietal: 85% Glera, 15% Complementary
  • Alcohol Content (ABV): 11%
  • Tasting Notes: Pale straw yellow color, white foam with fine and persistent bubbles. The nose is greeted with intense aromas of candied fruits and sweet flowers, leading to a fresh and delicate taste that finishes with a distinctly aromatic flourish.

Sensory Perception:

Cavicchioli 1928 Prosecco Extra Dry dazzles with its delicate and persistent perlage, enveloping the senses in a bouquet of candied fruits and sweet floral notes. The palate is treated to a fresh and soothing experience, seamlessly transitioning to an aromatic and enjoyable finish. This Prosecco celebrates Venetian winemaking tradition, embodying the freshness and elegance that define Italy's sparkling wines.

Pairings and Occasions:

Ideal as an aperitif or companion to a meal, this Prosecco excels alongside appetizers, delicate first courses, and fish-based dishes. Its versatility also makes it a perfect match for antipasti, culatello di Zibello, Parma ham, insalata tricolore, and even the unique flavors of a Pizza Veneziana. Whether raising a toast to special occasions or savoring everyday moments, Cavicchioli 1928 Prosecco Extra Dry invites you to experience the joy and tradition of Italian sparkling wine.

From its historical roots in Emilia-Romagna to the sun-kissed hills of Veneto, Cavicchioli 1928 Prosecco Extra Dry is a sparkling testament to a family's dedication to quality, tradition, and the art of winemaking, inviting connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike to share in its vibrant legacy.


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