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Isle of Raasay Distillery

Isle of Raasay Hebridean Single Malt Scotch Whisky, Hebrides, Scotland

Isle of Raasay Hebridean Single Malt Scotch Whisky, Hebrides, Scotland

"Hebridean Harmony: Isle of Raasay Single Malt Whisky"

Crafting Excellence on the Isle of Raasay

Nestled in the rugged beauty of the Hebrides, the Isle of Raasay Distillery is a beacon of innovation and tradition in the Scottish whisky landscape. With its flagship Isle of Raasay Single Malt, the distillery has crafted a whisky that is a testament to the island's unique terroir, the distillers' artistry, and the community's spirit. This single malt, embodying the distillery's vision of blending Hebridean heritage with modern craftsmanship, offers a sensory journey through the rich tapestry of Scotland's whisky tradition.

A Symphony of Flavors and Aromas

The Isle of Raasay Single Malt is a masterful composition of peated and unpeated spirits, matured in a trio of distinctive cask types: first-fill rye whiskey, virgin Chinkapin oak, and first-fill Bordeaux red wine casks. This innovative six-cask maturation process, envisioned by co-founder Alasdair Day, draws inspiration from the older styles of Hebridean single malts, aiming to capture a balance of subtle smoke and dark fruit flavors reminiscent of iconic Islay whiskies from the 1960s and 70s.

Product Details

  • ABV: 46.4%
  • Maturation: First-fill rye whiskey, new Chinkapin oak, first-fill Bordeaux red wine casks
  • Peating Level: Lightly peated to 48–52 ppm
  • Character: Rich dark fruit flavors, bombastic aromas of ripe papaya, aged leather, stewed plum, and orange peel
  • Palate: Grilled peach, strawberry jam, and cinnamon with nuances of underripe pineapple, grape must, and a whisp of smoke on a slightly saline finish
  • Non-Chill Filtered: Yes
  • Natural Color: Yes

The Vision Behind Six-Cask Maturation

Alasdair Day's vision for the Isle of Raasay Single Malt was shaped by a desire to create a whisky that matures elegantly, achieving complexity and depth early in the maturation process. The distillery's unique approach involves separately developing peated and unpeated spirits in a selection of oak casks, each chosen for its ability to impart distinct flavors and colors to the whisky. Chinkapin oak, chosen for its nuanced influence, and ex-Bordeaux red wine casks, selected for their ability to enhance dark fruit flavors, exemplify the distillery's innovative spirit.

A Commitment to Tradition and Innovation

The Isle of Raasay Distillery's commitment to producing a whisky that resonates with the legacy of Hebridean malts while embracing modern maturation techniques is evident in every bottle of their single malt. By blending six single malts, each contributing its unique character, the distillery has created a whisky that is both a nod to the past and a bold step into the future of Scotch whisky making.

In Conclusion

The Isle of Raasay Single Malt is not just a whisky; it's a celebration of the Hebridean spirit, the art of whisky making, and the innovative vision of its creators. With its blend of delicate smokiness and rich fruitiness, this single malt invites whisky enthusiasts to explore the depth and complexity of Raasay's unique terroir. It stands as a proud expression of Scottish whisky craftsmanship, offering a taste experience as unforgettable as the island.


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