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Caves Jean Bourdy, France

Caves Jean Bourdy Brut, Cremant du Jura, France

Caves Jean Bourdy Brut, Cremant du Jura, France

Caves Jean Bourdy Brut

A Heritage of Excellence

Step into the historic terrains of the Jura, southeast of Burgundy, where the legacy of Caves Jean Bourdy Brut unfolds—a testament to the art of winemaking that has been nurtured and perfected across 15 generations. Since 1475, the Bourdy family has been synonymous with viticultural excellence, a tradition carried forth with unwavering dedication by Jean-François and Jean-Phillipe Bourdy. Their stewardship over 10 hectares of Jura's most esteemed terroir, including the revered Chateau Chalon and venerable vineyards of Pinot Noir, Trousseau, Poulsard, Chardonnay, and Savagnin, encapsulates a narrative of passion, precision, and the pursuit of purity.

Product Details:

  • Country: France
  • Region: Jura
  • Winemaker: Jean-Phillipe Bourdy
  • Founded: 1475
  • Vineyard Area: 10 hectares
  • Farming: Biodynamic, Demeter Certified

Crafted by Time and Tradition

Caves Jean Bourdy Brut, distinguished among the top echelons of Crémant du Jura wines, is an exquisite embodiment of Chardonnay's versatility and vibrancy. Its creation, steeped in methods unaltered over centuries, marries the estate's biodynamic ethos with a minimal intervention philosophy, resulting in a wine that speaks of the soil, the climate, and the tenacious spirit of Jura. Aged meticulously in well-seasoned barrels, this Brut emerges from its elevage as a testament to the Bourdy family's commitment to natural winemaking, boasting extraordinarily low sulfite levels and a purity unrivaled in the contemporary wine landscape.

A Symphony of Senses

On the nose, a bouquet of buttercream, toast, nectarine, and lemon beckons, leading into a palate where texture and richness converge. Notes of cream, brioche, and lemon oil dance alongside a delicate hint of stone fruits, crafting a sensory experience that is both profound and enchanting. This Brut, crafted entirely from Chardonnay, reflects the terroir's unique character and the legacy of a family that has shaped the narrative of Jura winemaking for centuries.

A Celebration of Jura's Heritage

The Crémant du Jura appellation, established in 1995, honors the region's sparkling wine tradition, which dates back to the 18th century. Caves Jean Bourdy Brut, made in the méthode traditionnelle, encapsulates this history, offering a sparkling wine that is fermented, blended, and then undergoes a secondary fermentation in-bottle. Aged on lees for at least nine months and cellared for over a year before release, this Brut is a vibrant homage to the enduring legacy of Jura's sparkling wines.

An Invitation to Discovery

Caves Jean Bourdy Brut is not merely a bottle of wine; it is a journey through time, a sip of history, and a celebration of a land that has been shaped by generations of winemakers. It invites connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike to explore the richness of Jura, to discover the nuances of its terroir, and to celebrate the craftsmanship that has been handed down through the ages. Embark on this journey with Caves Jean Bourdy Brut, and experience the essence of Jura in every glass.


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