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Benguela Cove, South Africa

Benguela Cove Syrah, Walker Bay, South Africa

Benguela Cove Syrah, Walker Bay, South Africa

2019 Benguela Cove Syrah, Walker Bay


Nestled along the serene shores of the Bot River Lagoon and caressed by the calm maritime winds of the Atlantic, the 2019 Benguela Cove Syrah epitomizes the unique terroir of Walker Bay. This Syrah is a testament to the resilience and vision of Penny Street OBE, a celebrated entrepreneur who has infused her spirit of determination and excellence into every bottle. Under her stewardship and the expert hand of cellar master Johann Fourie, this wine captures the essence of its excellent climate origins, offering a sophisticated experience that reflects its locale's soil and soul.

Product Details

  • ABV: 14.3%
  • pH: 3.63
  • Total Acidity (TA): 5.78 g/l
  • Residual Sugar (RS): 2.78 g/l
  • Vineyard Location: North-facing slopes by the Bot River Lagoon, Walker Bay
  • Soil Types: Iron laterites, granite, and chalk-rich soils
  • Clonal Selection: SH 21, SH 22, SH 12
  • Maturation: 18 months in 30% new French oak
  • Aging Potential: Up to 8 years from vintage
  • Production Volume: 34 barrels
  • Certifications: Wine of Origin Walker Bay

Sensory Description

Upon opening, the 2019 Benguela Cove Syrah combines aromatic layers of rosemary, fynbos, and a peppery spice that beckons further exploration. The palate is graced with a juicy, ripe tannin structure and a youthful freshness highlighting bold fruit flavors. A hint of savory gloss and a unique salty finish ensure a lingering impression, making every sip a discovery of its cool-climate heritage.

The Winemaker's Background

Johann Fourie, an award-winning cellar master, brings a philosophy of minimal intervention and a deep respect for the vineyard's character to each vintage. His approach blends old-world techniques with a modern sensibility, aiming to express the natural qualities of the Syrah without overshadowing them with excessive oak. This approach results in wines that reflect not only their environment but also the meticulous care that goes into their creation.

Serving Suggestions

The 2019 Benguela Cove Syrah thrives alongside rich, flavorful dishes. Enjoy it at a serving temperature of 53.6°F to 57.2°F with lamb tagine, Rogan Josh curry, or Moroccan Chicken Bastilla. Its robust character and spicy undertones also make it a perfect pairing for hearty South African stews, embodying the warmth and diversity of its homeland.

With each bottle of the 2019 Benguela Cove Syrah, savor not just the wine but the story of resilience and passion that it represents, brought forth from the beautiful vistas of Walker Bay under the guidance of Penny Street OBE and Johann Fourie.


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