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Querceto di Castellina, Italy

Querceto Di Castellina 'L'aura' Chianti Classico, Italy

Querceto Di Castellina 'L'aura' Chianti Classico, Italy

A Cozy Start with Oxtail Stew

Embark on your culinary journey with a classic British starter: Oxtail stew. This dish, steeped in rich red wine and carrot flavors, offers a hearty and warming introduction. The depth and savoriness of the unrest create a delightful contrast with the vibrant fruitiness and herbal notes of the 2021 Querceto Di Castellina 'L'aura' Chianti Classico. It's a pairing that entices the palate and sets the stage for the courses to follow.

The Heart of Italy in Lasagne Classica

Transition to the main course with the quintessential Italian dish, Lasagne Classica. This rich layering of Bolognese sauce, mushrooms, tomato, béchamel sauce, and Gran Milano cheese is a testament to the complexity of Italian cuisine. The clarity and concentration of fruit in the L'aura beautifully complement the lasagna's diverse flavors, highlighting the beef's richness and the mushrooms' earthy tones.

A Rustic Rendezvous with Pasta Bolognese

Alternatively, indulge in the simplicity of Pasta Bolognese. With its rich, meaty sauce, this Italian staple allows the nuanced flavors of the L'aura to come to the forefront. The wine's ripe fruit layers and tannic frame beautifully balance the Bolognese's richness, creating a harmonious and satisfying dining experience.

A Global Flavor Twist with Sausage

For a global flavor twist, pair the L'aura with a selection of sausages. The versatility and worldwide appeal of links make them an excellent match for this Chianti Classico. The spicy oak and sweet agave notes of the wine complement the sausages' savory flavors, offering a delightful interplay of tastes.

A Wine with a Heart and History

The 2021 Querceto Di Castellina' L'aura' Chianti Classico reflects a family's dedication to their land and heritage. Named in honor of Laura Di Battista, the soul of Querceto, and produced on an estate rich in history since 1945, this wine embodies the spirit and charm of Tuscany. Its ruby colors and poppy aromas evoke a whimsical, enchanting quality, much like the land it comes from. The wine's vibrant energy, layered fruit, and resonating acidity are a tribute to the passion and craftsmanship in each bottle.

At the Wine Dispensary, we celebrate this vintage for its ability to engage intellect and emotions, perfectly encapsulating the harmony between nature, tradition, and winemaking artistry. Savor a glass of the 2021 Querceto Di Castellina' L'aura' Chianti Classico, and let it transport you to the picturesque hills and historic allure of Tuscany with every sip. Cheers to a wine that's as much a journey as a drink!


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