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Laurent Perrachon, France

Laurent Perrachon 'Cremant de Bourgogne' Blanc de Blancs, Burgundy, France

Laurent Perrachon 'Cremant de Bourgogne' Blanc de Blancs, Burgundy, France

Laurent Perrachon 'Crémant de Bourgogne' Blanc de Blancs: A Sparkling Gem from Burgundy

A Legacy Spanning Centuries

In the heart of Burgundy's celebrated wine region, the Laurent Perrachon domaine stands as a testament to a family's enduring passion for viticulture. Originating from 1601, the Perrachon family's connection to the wine trade weaves through the fabric of time, culminating in their current stewardship of the La Bottière Estate since 1877. The domaine's evolution, marked by the acquisition of lands across the most revered appellations in Beaujolais, underscores a relentless pursuit of excellence—a journey acknowledged by the esteemed "La Revue du Vin de France."

The Pursuit of Purity and Tradition

The 'Crémant de Bourgogne' Blanc de Blancs epitomizes the domaine's philosophy of harmonizing tradition with meticulous care. This sparkling wine, crafted exclusively from Chardonnay grapes, captures the essence of its varietal with a bold and fresh nose, accompanied by a subtly refined palate tinged with flowery and slightly lemony notes. Produced through traditional Crémant methods, including handpicked grapes and controlled temperature fermentation, it represents the pinnacle of Laurent Perrachon's winemaking expertise.

Sustainable Visions and Parcellar Pride

The Perrachon family's vision extends beyond their current achievements, embracing a future where sustainability and recognition of their terroirs are paramount. Their commitment to eliminating chemical products and focusing on mechanical soil work within the next 15 years illustrates a dedication to environmental stewardship and the pursuit of quality. Introducing parcellar cuvées, such as those from Les Chers or Les Mouilles in Juliénas, is a bold step towards highlighting the unique characteristics of their diverse terroirs.

Sensory Journey and Enjoyment

The Crémant de Bourgogne Blanc de Blancs, with its delicate balance of body, acidity, and refined palate, is best enjoyed within a year or two of its release to savor its vibrant freshness. Its subtle complexity makes it versatile for various occasions and pairings, from celebratory toasts to a refined accompaniment to light and sophisticated dishes.

A Toast to Tradition and Innovation

Laurent Perrachon's Crémant de Bourgogne Blanc de Blancs is a beacon of their winemaking philosophy, marrying centuries-old traditions with the forward-thinking approach that characterizes their vision for the future. As the domaine continues to cultivate excellence across its six appellations, this sparkling wine symbolizes their dedication to quality, heritage, and the art of French winemaking.


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