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Domaine De Vernus, France

Domaine De Vernus Régnié, Beaujolais, France

Domaine De Vernus Régnié, Beaujolais, France

The 2021 Domaine De Vernus Régnié stands as a testament to the unique granitic terroir of this Beaujolais cru. This wine of character exudes powerful and elegant floral notes, embodying the richness and diversity of its geological heritage. Its complex interplay of floral and fruity aromas culminates in a long, satisfying finish.

Product Details:

  • Grape Variety: 100% Gamay
  • Bottles Produced: 5,280
  • Vine Pruning: Goblet pruning, following Beaujolais tradition
  • Average Vineyard Age: 42 years
  • Bottling: On the estate
  • Ageing Potential: 5 to 10 years

Vinification: The 2021 Régnié is crafted with meticulous attention to detail. The process begins with hand harvesting and sorting of the Gamay grapes, followed by crate harvesting to ensure the fruit remains intact. The grapes are then 100% destemmed before undergoing a combination of grape-treading, pump over, and delestage techniques. A cold maceration sets the stage for natural fermentation, which lasts for three weeks, using only wild yeasts. After fermentation, the wine settles for ten days. Maturation is split evenly between oak barrels and stainless steel tanks, allowing for a balance of structure and freshness.

Sensory Description: This Régnié is distinguished by its elegant floral bouquet, which gracefully intertwines with its robust fruity aromas. On the palate, the wine offers a harmonious blend of these floral and fruity notes, leading to a long, intricate finish. The powerful yet refined structure showcases the exceptional terroir from which it originates.

Terroir: The Domaine De Vernus Régnié is rooted in the Vernus plot, spanning 1 hectare and 37 ares. The vines flourish at an average altitude of 320 meters, in soils that are a geological rarity in Beaujolais. These soils feature a mix of shallow, highly altered granite and deep granite derived from ancient magmatic rocks of the saprolite type. This unique terroir contributes to the wine's distinctive character, as the vineyards sit on south-facing slopes, benefiting from optimal sun exposure and well-drained soil conditions.

Winemaker's Background: Creation of the Estate: Domaine De Vernus is nestled in the unspoilt Beaujolais countryside, surrounded by vineyards and exceptional heritage sites. The estate was established on an old property converted from tourist activities back to viticulture, with vineyard plots meticulously selected from 14 different winegrowers.

History of the Company: The estate's main house, built in 1870, reflects the architectural influence of Andrea Palladio, surrounded by a 2-hectare park with majestic trees and a serene lake. It enjoys a dominant position facing the village of Régnié-Durette and its notable church designed by Pierre Bossan.

Frédéric Jametton, Owner and Manager: With a background in insurance brokerage and a lifelong passion for wine, Frédéric transitioned to winemaking in 2017. His vision is to create wines that honor the distinct terroirs of Beaujolais while respecting the character of each cru and plot.

Guillaume Rouget, Winemaker and Vineyard Manager: Trained in viticulture in Beaune and hailing from a renowned winemaking family in Burgundy, Guillaume brings his expertise to Beaujolais. Known for producing elegant, racy wines with intense fruitiness, Guillaume oversees the entire production process at Domaine De Vernus, ensuring the highest quality in every bottle.

Serving Suggestions: The 2021 Domaine De Vernus Régnié is best enjoyed at around 55-60°F. This versatile wine pairs beautifully with a variety of dishes, including charcuterie, roasted poultry, and earthy mushroom dishes. It is equally delightful on its own, making it a perfect choice for any occasion. Whether at a formal dinner or a casual gathering, this Régnié will elevate the experience.


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