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Colovray & Terrier

Collovray & Terrier 'Deux Roches' Chardonnay, Pouilly-Fuisse, France

Collovray & Terrier 'Deux Roches' Chardonnay, Pouilly-Fuisse, France

Attention wine lovers with a flair for the unique! Let's uncork the 2021 Colovray & Terrier 'Deux Roches' Chardonnay. This isn't just any Chardonnay; it's a luminous blend from the vineyards near the Rocks of Solutre and Vergisson, Chaintre, and Fuisse. Imagine a wine with a smooth texture, a bouquet of honeysuckle, and notes of ripe apricot. It's a perfect introduction to the appellation, already a cult favorite worldwide. Handled with precision from harvesting to bottling, this Chardonnay is a testament to winemaking artistry. Indulge in its balanced taste and let it transport you to the heart of France's wine country. Cheers to a wine that's as sophisticated and globally revered as your taste!

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