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Patrice Moreux, France

Corty Artisan 'Intro' Sancerre, Loire, France

Corty Artisan 'Intro' Sancerre, Loire, France

The 2022 Corty Artisan 'Intro' Sancerre is a testament to over 300 years of winemaking heritage, merging the expertise of the Corty and Moreux families. This elegant Sancerre from the renowned Loire Valley offers a sophisticated experience, embodying the harmony between traditional viticulture and modern techniques.

Product Details:

  • Vintage: 2022
  • Region: Loire Valley
  • Appellation: Sancerre
  • Varietal: 100% Sauvignon Blanc
  • Alcohol: 13%
  • Terroir: Clay & fine Caillottes
  • Vineyard: 45 hectares total vineyard with 4 hectares devoted to Corty Artisan 'Intro'; 4 parcels in Chavignol and 9 parcels in Crezancy, 30-year-old vines
  • Winemaking: Pneumatic pressing, spontaneous fermentation with natural yeasts, aging on lees in thermo-controlled stainless steel tanks
  • Residual Sugar: 1.6 grams per liter
  • Sustainable Agriculture Practices: HEV 3, farm certified having High Environmental Value

Sensory Description: The 'Intro' Sancerre greets you with an elegant nose of silky notes, thanks to very ripe grapes and prolonged fermentation. The palate reveals a fine minerality and rocky touches, with subtle white fruit notes adding complexity. This wine is balanced and subtle, delivering a refined and somewhat feminine profile that showcases its terroir beautifully.

Winemaker's Background: The Corty and Moreux families have been devoted to winemaking since the 17th century, with a commitment to sustainable and environmentally conscious practices. Today, brothers Julien and Arnaud Moreux uphold this legacy, crafting wines that reflect their passion and the unique terroir of the Loire Valley. Their philosophy emphasizes minimal intervention and a profound respect for nature, creating wines that are both expressive and authentic.

Serving Suggestions: Enjoy the 2022 Corty Artisan 'Intro' Sancerre chilled at around 50-55°F. It pairs wonderfully with fresh seafood, goat cheese, or a light summer salad. Its minerality and freshness also make it an excellent match for sushi or lightly spiced Asian cuisine.


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