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Bodegas Volver

Bodegas Volver 'Volver' Single Vineyard Tempranillo, La Mancha, Spain

Bodegas Volver 'Volver' Single Vineyard Tempranillo, La Mancha, Spain

Elegance Unearthed: The 2019 Bodegas Volver 'Volver' Tempranillo

Reviving the Essence of La Mancha

The 2019 Bodegas Volver 'Volver' Single Vineyard Tempranillo stands as a beacon of La Mancha, Spain's rich, often overlooked, viticultural heritage. Crafted by the visionary duo Jorge Ordoñez and Rafael Canizares, Bodegas Volver was established in 2004 to spotlight the unique terroirs of Spain's lesser-known regions. This Tempranillo, emanating from the venerable soils of the Finca Los Juncares vineyard, encapsulates the duo's commitment to showcasing the depth and diversity of Spanish winemaking.

Terroir and Tradition

Nestled in the heart of La Mancha, the Finca Los Juncares vineyard spans 29 hectares (72 acres) of sandy, iron, and limestone-rich soils. Home to venerable Tempranillo vines planted in 1957, this vineyard is a testament to the resilience and potency of its low-yielding, dry-farmed vines. Embracing traditional viticulture practices, these organically goblet-trained vines are meticulously tended by hand, ensuring a harvest that's both sustainable and expressive of the vineyard's unique character.

Wine at a Glance:

  • Appellation: D.O. La Mancha, Spain
  • Varietal: 100% Tempranillo
  • Vineyard: Finca Los Juncares, focused on traditional and organic viticulture
  • Planting Year: 1957
  • Yields: 1.5kg per vine
  • Altitude: 2100-2250ft. (650-700m)
  • Soils: Sandy, iron-rich with underlying red clay
  • Climate: Continental, with significant diurnal temperature shifts
  • ABV: 15%

A Sensory Voyage

The 2019 Volver Tempranillo unveils a tapestry of sensory delight, from its dark ruby hue to the intertwining black cherry, vanilla, and violet aromas. On the palate, a harmonious blend of cassis, cherry, salted caramel, and rosemary is elegantly framed by gentle tannins, culminating in a soft, floral finish. This wine's complexity is further enhanced by 14 months of aging in French oak, imparting a nuanced balance of strength and subtlety.

Pairings with Provenance

With its rich flavor profile and versatile structure, the Volver Tempranillo is an ideal companion to various dishes. From hearty meats to refined cheeses, its deep fruit and savory notes enhance the dining experience, making it a perfect match for traditional Spanish cuisine and innovative culinary creations.

A Legacy Bottled

Bodegas Volver's 'Volver' Tempranillo is more than a wine; it's a narrative of dedication, innovation, and respect for the land. As one of the jewels in Bodegas Volver's crown, it continues to earn accolades, including a 90-point rating from Wine Enthusiast, affirming its place as a distinguished ambassador of La Mancha's winemaking potential.

Indulge in the 2019 Bodegas Volver 'Volver' Tempranillo and experience a piece of Spanish winemaking history, masterfully crafted to bridge the past with the present, one sip at a time.


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