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Domaine Arnaud Lambert, France

Arnaud Lambert 'Brézé' Clos Mazurique Monopole Cabernet Franc, Saumur Rouge, France

Arnaud Lambert 'Brézé' Clos Mazurique Monopole Cabernet Franc, Saumur Rouge, France

Embark on a sensory journey with Arnaud Lambert's 'Clos Mazurique', a masterpiece from the heart of Saumur. This Cabernet Franc isn't just a wine; it's a sensory explosion, weaving the story of its sand and limestone roots with every sip. Imagine the aroma of ripe, dark fruits wafting through the air, mingling with subtle hints of violet and a touch of earthy spice. The first taste envelops your palate in a velvety embrace, balancing bold fruit flavors with a refined, spicy undertone that's unmistakably Saumur.

What sets 'Clos Mazurique' apart? It's Arnaud Lambert's commitment to biodynamic principles, elevating the wine's purity and expression of terroir. Each grape is a testament to Lambert's philosophy of minimal intervention, allowing the unique character of Saumur's terroir to shine through unadulterated.

Saumur, a region steeped in history, is renowned for its exceptional Cabernet Franc wines. This land, kissed by the Loire River, boasts a climate and soil composition that's ideal for cultivating grapes with distinctive character. 'Clos Mazurique' is a tribute to this heritage, offering a contemporary twist on a regional classic.

Perfect for the adventurous palate, 'Clos Mazurique' pairs wonderfully with both spirited conversations and thoughtful moments of solitude. It's more than a wine; it's a narrative in every bottle, waiting to unfold its layers of complexity and charm. Dive into the world of Arnaud Lambert, where tradition meets innovation, and each bottle tells the story of Saumur's legacy.


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