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March 2024 Wine Club Selections: A Tale of Two Tiers

This March, the Wine Dispensary offers a dual narrative of winemaking excellence unfolding across the Select and Premier Tiers. Each tier, with its curated collection, showcases a commitment to heritage, innovation, and the artistry of the vine. Let's journey through each narrative, celebrating the unique qualities and stories each selection brings to our members.

Select Tier: A Global Viticultural Voyage

The Select Tier this March is an invitation to explore the diverse landscapes of viticulture, from the traditional to the innovative. Our journey begins in the heart of Italy with Tenuta Le Calcinaie's Vernaccia di San Gimignano, a white wine that sings of Tuscany's rich heritage and organic viticulture. This Vernaccia, with its notes of green apple and white flowers, is a tribute to the meticulous care woven into every bottle.

Venturing into Austria, we encounter Martin & Anna Arndorfer's Vorgeschmack Rosé, a creative blend marries Zweigelt with Grüner Veltliner skins. This rosé is a testament to Austria's innovative spirit, offering a spicy, tannic twist that pairs delightfully with light, grilled dishes.

In Piedmont, Giacomo Borgogno & Figli's Dolcetto d'Alba showcases the region's rich viticultural landscape through the vibrant expressions of the Dolcetto grape. This wine, alive with red fruit bouquets, epitomizes the invigorating pleasure of Italian winemaking.

Bolgheri presents the 2020 I Greppi Greppicante Superiore, a blend that narrates the resilience of its terroir. With aromas of ruby red and black fruits, it's a narrative of biodiversity and land symbiosis.

From Colorado's Grand Valley AVA, Colterris's 2019 Merlot reflects a unique American terroir, blending Merlot with touches of Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec. With its blackberry cobbler and dark plum profile, this wine celebrates Colorado's winemaking artistry.

Lastly, our journey takes us to Chile's Limarí Valley with Viña Tabalí's Talinay Syrah, a coastal vineyard marvel that offers elegance and sophistication in every sip, inviting connoisseurs to explore its earthy, salty finish.

Premier Tier: The Pinnacle of Winemaking

Elevating the experience, the Premier Tier delves into the stories of passion, tradition, and the relentless pursuit of winemaking excellence. The 2019 Pira Luigi 'Serralunga' Nebbiolo from Barolo is a homage to the Pira family's dedication, offering a complex sensory experience of leather, hay, and red fruits.

From France's Loire Valley, the 2022 Gerard Boulay Sancerre Sauvignon Blanc shines with its Kimmeridgian soil minerality, balanced by vibrant acidity and flavors of peach, apple, and lemon/lime, embodying a minimal intervention philosophy.

Napa Valley's 2006 Spring Mountain Vineyards 'Estate' Cabernet Sauvignon represents sustainable excellence, blending blue and black fruits with cedar notes. This selection reflects the harmony of eco-conscious practices and artisanal blending.

The 2021 Brewer-Clifton Sta. Rita Hills Pinot Noir expresses the unique character of its appellation, highlighting Greg Brewer's vision of balanced, structured wines that pair beautifully with various dishes.

Completing our Premier Tier journey, the 2012 R. Lopez de Heredia 'Vina Bosconia Reserva' from Rioja offers a historical taste of Tempranillo, Garnacha, Mazuelo, and Graciano blend, inviting a celebration of Rioja's rich heritage and winemaking tradition.

Celebrating Distinction and Diversity

This March, the Wine Dispensary's Wine Club selections illuminate the spectrum of winemaking, from the accessible excellence of the Select Tier to the exclusive, refined experiences of the Premier Tier. Each tier, with its carefully chosen selections, invites our members to embark on a journey that celebrates the diversity of global viticulture and the unifying passion for wine. Join us in raising a glass to these exquisite selections, curated to enrich your wine journey with every sip.