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Tabali 'Talinay' Syrah, Limari Valley, Chile

Tabali 'Talinay' Syrah, Limari Valley, Chile

Syrah Elevated: Tabalí's Talinay Masterpiece

History and Pedigree: Viña Tabalí, a jewel on the fringes of Chile's Atacama Desert in the Limarí Valley, epitomizes the harmonious blend of tradition and ambition. Founded in 2002 by the visionary Guillermo Lukšic Craig, Tabalí has swiftly ascended to the zenith of Chilean winemaking, underpinned by a rich tapestry of familial legacy and pioneering spirit. The Lukšic lineage, synonymous with success in various enterprises, instilled in Tabalí a foundational ethos of excellence and innovation. Following Guillermo's passing in 2013, his son Nicolás has carried the torch, propelling the winery to new heights alongside Chief Winemaker Felipe Müller, whose accolades and global viticultural explorations have solidified Tabalí's standing in the wine world.

Production Highlights: The 'Talinay' Syrah represents the quintessence of Tabalí's quest for perfection, born from the coastal Talinay vineyard where limestone-rich soils and proximity to the sea create an idyllic microclimate for Syrah vines. Planted in 2006, these vines yield a wine of unparalleled elegance and complexity. The winery's gravity-fed processing and exclusive use of French oak from revered forests underscore a commitment to gentle, nature-aligned winemaking practices, ensuring each bottle encapsulates the purest expression of its terroir.

Product Details:

  • Region: Limarí Valley, Chile
  • Varietal: Syrah
  • Vineyard: Talinay, 12 kilometers from the sea, limestone-rich soils
  • Aging: French oak barrels from Jupille, Fontainebleau, Bertrange, Troncais, and Allier
  • Production Techniques: Gravity-fed movement, minimal intervention
  • Awards: 94pts Descorchados, 93pts Wine Advocate

Sensory Perception: The 2014 Talinay Syrah unfurls with an elegant texture reminiscent of the finest Pinot Noirs, yet it remains distinctly Syrah in its layered complexity and refined velvety mouthfeel. A subtle nose paves the way for a palate rich in elegant, sophisticated flavors intertwined with a unique salty finish and hints of earthy, graphite notes. This wine's remarkable depth and structure signal immediate accessibility and promising aging potential.

Pairings and Occasions: This exquisite Syrah finds its match in dishes that mirror its complex nature—think herb-crusted lamb, grilled meats, or earthy mushroom risotto. Its sophisticated profile makes it a perfect centerpiece for special occasions or to elevate a gourmet dining experience at home. The Talinay Syrah invites connoisseurs and casual enthusiasts alike to explore the nuanced elegance of Limarí Valley's terroir, a testament to Tabalí's visionary approach to winemaking.

Felipe Müller's leadership as Chief Winemaker and Tabalí's strategic vineyard acquisitions and meticulous attention to detail have crafted a wine narrative that transcends borders. The 'Talinay' Syrah represents the pinnacle of Chilean viticulture and serves as a beacon for the future of winemaking in the region, promising a legacy of innovation, quality, and passion.


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