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Colterris Winery

Colterris Merlot, Grand Valley, Colorado

Colterris Merlot, Grand Valley, Colorado

2019 Colterris Merlot, Grand Valley, Colorado: A Rich Tapestry of Flavor and Aroma

Vineyard Virtue in Grand Valley

Colterris, nestled within the Grand Valley AVA, continues its tradition of estate-grown and estate-bottled excellence with the 2019 Merlot. This dedication ensures each wine is a true expression of the land, from the vineyard's rich volcanic soil to the favorable meso-climates along the Colorado River. The meticulous selection of grapes from specific vineyards, including 43% from Riverside Vineyard and 29% from Theresa's Vineyard, underscores a commitment to quality and terroir specificity that is the hallmark of Colterris's winemaking philosophy.

Winemaking Mastery

Under the guidance of winemakers Bo Felton and Justin Jannusch, the 2019 Merlot reflects a confluence of expertise and passion. Bo brings forth a complex and captivating Merlot with his foundational roots in ecology, diverse winemaking experiences from California to New Zealand, and Justin's deep understanding of Colorado's unique viticulture. Their collaborative effort showcases the potential of Colorado winemaking through meticulous vineyard management and innovative techniques.

Olfactory and Palatal Journey

The 2019 Colterris Merlot unveils a rich tapestry of aromas and flavors, starting with an inviting nose of blackberry cobbler and dark plum. The palate is greeted with bold expressions of ripe blueberry and a hint of fig preserve, creating a robust yet nuanced profile. Integrating 94% Merlot with Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec touches adds complexity, while a discerning use of oak enriches the texture without overshadowing the fruit. Tannins are pronounced yet velvety, leading to a long, smooth finish that echoes the wine's depth and craftsmanship.

Pairing and Enjoyment

This Merlot is versatile, pairing beautifully with various dishes, from sharp cheeses and caramelized roast vegetables to smoked meats and balsamic-grilled chicken. Its structure and flavor profile make it an ideal companion for simple and complex meals, enhancing the dining experience with its layered complexity.

A Reflection of Colorado's Terroir

The 2019 Colterris Merlot is more than a wine; it is a testament to the unique terroir of Colorado's Grand Valley and the dedication of its winemakers. By controlling every aspect of production, from grape growing to bottling, Colterris ensures each bottle is a pure expression of the land and its philosophy of "From the Colorado land." Enjoy this vintage as a celebration of the art of winemaking and the distinctive character of Colorado wines.


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