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Marquis de Goulaine, France

Marquis de Goulaine 'Le Haut Presle' Cabernet Franc, Chinon, France

Marquis de Goulaine 'Le Haut Presle' Cabernet Franc, Chinon, France

A Toast to Tradition: Le Haut Presle's Elegance

Rooted in History, Flourishing in Prestige

At the heart of the Loire Valley, the Renaissance Château Goulaine emerges as a symbol of over a millennium's legacy shaped by the de Goulaine family. This emblematic estate, cradled by the Natura 2000-protected Goulaine marshes, is a testament to architectural and viticultural mastery. From the Middle Ages' fortifications to the Renaissance beauty inspired by Christophe 2 de Goulaine's Italian sojourn, each stone and vineyard row at Goulaine narrates a story of nobility, transformation, and passion. The Marquis de Goulaine, recognized in the 17th century, and the ongoing stewardship of the Goulaine family ensures this château's timeless legacy and its wines' global renown.

The Renaissance of Viniculture: Le Haut Presle Cabernet Franc

The 2020 Goulaine Chinon Le Haut Presle Cabernet Franc, heralded for its exquisite balance and depth, reflects the estate's commitment to excellence. With a vivid ruby to purple/magenta hue, this wine promises an olfactory journey through lush forests and fruitful orchards. Aromas of black plum, cassis, and red berries mingle with pine, mint, chocolate, and a hint of smoke, inviting the taster into a rich tapestry of sensory delights. At a modest 13% alcohol, its medium-bodied palate gracefully balances black cherry and plum with cassis, underpinned by silky-smooth tannins that segue into a toasty, mineral finish. This wine is not just tasted; it's experienced.

Culinary Harmonies: Pairing with Le Haut Presle

Understanding the versatility of the Marquis de Goulaine's Le Haut Presle Cabernet Franc allows for a symphony of food pairings that accentuate its depth and complexity:

  • Rabbit Terrine: A starter that mirrors the wine's nuanced layers, blending rusticity with refinement.
  • Rouladen: This German delicacy of bacon and onions wrapped in beef harmonizes with the wine's structured tannins and fruit-forward palate.
  • Pork Pâté: A pairing that speaks to the wine's ability to complement both the subtle and the bold, enhancing the pâté's rich textures and flavors.
  • Saint-Nectaire Cheese: An exquisite cheese course that underscores the wine's silky tannins and lingering toasty notes.

A Living Legacy

Le Haut Presle by Marquis de Goulaine is more than wine; it's a bridge connecting the past's architectural and vinicultural marvels with the present's quest for quality and authenticity. Each bottle from the Château Goulaine is a chapter in the ongoing saga of a family's dedication to preserving and celebrating their unique heritage in the Loire Valley. As Madame de Goulaine continues to reside in the château, the spirit and tradition of this noble family are assuredly carried forward, sip by memorable sip.


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