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Margins Wine

Margins 'Neutral Oak Hotel' Red Blend, California

Margins 'Neutral Oak Hotel' Red Blend, California


Margins 'Neutral Oak Hotel' Red Blend NV, California

Overview: Embrace the playful complexity of Margins 'Neutral Oak Hotel' Red Blend, a testament to the creativity and expertise of winemaker Megan Bell. This chuggable light red blend is both a nod to underrepresented grape varieties and regions in California and a celebration of innovative, low-intervention winemaking. Perfect for those seeking an easy-drinking yet thought-provoking wine experience.

Product Details:

  • Producer: Margins Wine
  • Region: California
  • Grape Varieties:
    • 16% Grenache (San Benito County)
    • 16% Cabernet Franc (San Benito County)
    • 16% Pinot Noir (Santa Cruz Mountains)
    • 16% Mourvèdre (San Benito County)
    • 16% Chenin Blanc (Clarksburg)
    • 12% Négrette Rosé (San Benito County)
    • 8% Barbera (San Benito County)
  • Alcohol Content: Not specified
  • Production: 300 cases
  • Farming Practices: Organically farmed vineyards
  • Vinification:
    • 100% destemmed
    • Fermented and aged separately
    • Aged 4.5-5 months in neutral oak, except for Chenin Blanc aged in a concrete egg
    • Native fermentation with minimal sulfur additions (30 ppm before bottling, 10 ppm for Négrette Rosé in November 2023)

Sensory Description: Margins 'Neutral Oak Hotel' Red Blend greets you with an inviting bouquet of red fruits and floral notes, underpinned by a subtle earthiness. On the palate, it delivers a vibrant medley of flavors including ripe cherries, cranberries, and hints of spice. This light-bodied red is refreshing and approachable, with a smooth finish that encourages another sip.

Winemaker's Background: Megan Bell, the visionary behind Margins Wine, launched her winemaking venture in 2016. Armed with a degree in Viticulture and Enology from UC Davis and experience from renowned wine regions across the globe, Megan crafts wines that spotlight the overlooked vineyards and varietals of northern and central California. Her commitment to low-intervention methods and organic farming reflects her dedication to both quality and sustainability. Margins now produces approximately 2,800 cases annually, offering a diverse range of wines that celebrate the margins of the wine world.

Serving Suggestions: Serve Margins 'Neutral Oak Hotel' Red Blend slightly chilled at around 55°F (13°C) to enhance its refreshing qualities. This versatile red pairs beautifully with a variety of dishes, including grilled vegetables, light pasta dishes, and charcuterie. Whether enjoyed at a casual picnic or a lively dinner party, this wine's easy-drinking nature and intriguing blend make it a delightful companion to any occasion.


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