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Gran Bericanto, Italy

Gran Bericanto 'Riserva' Colli Berici Red Blend, Veneto, Italy

Gran Bericanto 'Riserva' Colli Berici Red Blend, Veneto, Italy

Gran Bericanto 'Riserva' Colli Berici Red Blend 2019

A Symphony of Venetian Excellence

The Gran Bericanto 'Riserva' Colli Berici DOC embarks on a journey through time, celebrating the rich tapestry of Veneto's wine heritage, underscored by the Cielo family's winemaking legacy since 1908 and their harmonious collaboration with Cantine Colli Berici SCA vinegrowers. This collaboration nurtures over 3000 hectares of vineyards, culminating in a wine that is a testament to Vicenza's dedication, craftsmanship, and unique terroir—a city of unparalleled Renaissance beauty and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Product Details:

  • Denomination: Colli Berici DOC
  • Alcohol Volume: 15%
  • Residual Sugar: 4 grams per liter
  • Vinification: A meticulous selection of hand-picked grapes, partially dried to intensify flavors, sugars, and tannins, complemented by cold soak maceration and temperature-controlled fermentation. Aged for one year in French oak barrels, followed by one year in concrete vats to achieve its signature profile.
  • Taste Profile: A bouquet of fragrant blackberries with a whisper of vanilla and a subtle spice undertone sets the stage for an elegant, harmonious experience. The wine's full and rich body, adorned with sweet tannins, crescendos into a long, memorable aftertaste.

Nestled in the heart of Veneto, the Gran Bericanto 'Riserva' Colli Berici Red Blend 2019 reflects its storied geography. The gently rising hills south of Vicenza cradled between Padua and Verona, and the basaltic and volcanic soils impart a distinct mineral flavor to this exquisite wine. This terroir, shielded by the Small Dolomites and caressed by the Adriatic breeze, fosters a wine that is a true pinnacle of traditional winemaking.

Harvesting the Renaissance Soul

The Gran Bericanto 'Riserva' is more than a wine; it is a cultural odyssey. Inspired by Vicenza's Renaissance, particularly the architectural genius of Palladio and the global ventures of Pigafetta, this wine embodies the spirit of innovation and passion that has propelled Veneto's viticulture since Roman times. Each bottle is a limited edition, a crusade against the commonplace, celebrating Vicenza, the city of gold, and its indelible mark on the world of wine.

A Celebratory Sip:

Embrace the full-bodied elegance of the Gran Bericanto 'Riserva' Colli Berici Red Blend 2019 with a gastronomic selection that mirrors its intensity and harmony. Grilled red meats, wild game, roasts, and aged cheeses complement its rich palate and enhance the intricate dance of flavors, from the initial berry notes to the vanilla-infused, spicy afterglow.

With every sip, you partake in a legacy that bridges centuries—a homage to the enduring partnership between the land, its people, and the timeless art of winemaking. Discover the essence of Veneto with the Gran Bericanto 'Riserva,' a wine that challenges and triumphs, inviting you to savor a piece of Italian wine royalty.


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