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Tenuta di Arceno, Italy

Tenuta Di Arceno Sangiovese, Chianti Classico, Italy

Tenuta Di Arceno Sangiovese, Chianti Classico, Italy

2020 Tenuta Di Arceno Chianti Classico: A Testament to Tuscan Excellence

A Unique Expression of Sangiovese

The 2020 Tenuta Di Arceno Chianti Classico is a remarkable testament to the Tuscan terroir, showcasing depth, power, and concentration rarely seen in its classification. Predominantly crafted from Sangiovese grapes selected from the most excellent blocks of the estate, this wine benefits from the vibrant acidity these choice parcels impart. Dominated by plums, earth, cherries, licorice, and cedar flavors, it offers a rich tapestry of tastes unmistakably Tuscan yet singular in their expression.

Vintage Excellence

2020 marked a spectacular vintage for Chianti Classico, characterized by a mild, wet winter that set the stage for an optimal growing season. The vines thrived through the hot, dry summer, supported by adequate water reserves, culminating in a harvest defined by lower yields but exceptionally high-quality grapes. These conditions fostered the development of vibrant acidity and robust tannins, distinguishing the vintage as near-perfect.

Tasting Journey

This Chianti Classico is a celebration of place, bursting with aromas of tart cherries, strawberries, violets, and a palate enriched with blueberries, cedar, and red oranges. The structure is soft yet exciting, leading to a finish adorned with warm notes of white pepper and licorice. Its pleasant acidity and elegant framing of flavors make each sip a discovery of Tenuta di Arceno's unique terroir.

Acclaimed and Awarded

The excellence of the 2020 vintage has not gone unnoticed, receiving high praise and commendation from wine critics:

  • 93 POINTS from Wine Spectator, highlighting its exceptional quality.
  • 90 POINTS from acknowledge its standout characteristics.

The Heart of Chianti Classico

The Chianti Classico region has been revered for producing the finest Sangiovese wines for centuries. Tenuta di Arceno, nestled among the picturesque hills of Tuscany, is a proud steward of this tradition. The estate's dedication to vine care, soil respect, and fruit expression allows for the creation of wines that mirror the distinctiveness of the region's terroir.

The 2020 Vintage: A Balanced Year

The 2020 vintage emerged from ideal conditions: a mild and dry winter followed by a spring rich in rainfall and a summer of warm days and cool nights. This balance of weather conditions preserved the grapes' acidity and aromatics, leading to a harvest of moderate alcohol, bright fruit tones, and elegant tannins. From mid-September to mid-October, the yield captured the essence of the vintage's excellence.

Wine Statistics

  • Composition: 85% Sangiovese, 15% Merlot
  • Total Acidity: 5.40 G/L
  • Alcohol: 14.5%
  • pH: 3.40
  • Aging: Aged in 2-3-year-old French oak for 10 months

A Reflection of Tuscan Heritage

The 2020 Tenuta Di Arceno Chianti Classico is more than just a wine; it reflects Tuscan wine-making heritage, a blend of history, passion, and the relentless pursuit of quality. It invites wine enthusiasts to explore the depths of Chianti Classico, offering a sip that is both a journey through time and a celebration of the present moment's vitality.


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