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Gabriele Cordero, Italy

Gabriele Cordero ‘Fuschia’ Langhe Nebbiolo, Langhe, Italy

Gabriele Cordero ‘Fuschia’ Langhe Nebbiolo, Langhe, Italy

Whispers of Roero: 2020 Gabriele Cordero 'Fuschia' Nebbiolo

In the picturesque landscapes of Priocca, nestled within the Roero area, Gabriele and Serena Cordero have embarked on a vinous journey that pays homage to their wealthy family heritage in Piedmontese winemaking. The 2020 'Fuschia' Nebbiolo stands as a testament to their dedication and passion, encapsulating the essence of Nebbiolo with a freshness and approachability that is rarely matched.

A Symphony of Soil and Soul

Drawing from young vineyards blessed with sandy soils and a favorable southwest exposure, the Cordero siblings have crafted a Nebbiolo that is both a tribute to their terroir and a forward-looking expression of their winemaking philosophy. Under Serena's watchful eye in the cellar and Gabriele's tender care in the vineyards, the 'Fuschia' Nebbiolo emerges as a vibrant embodiment of their collaborative spirit.

Tasting Voyage

  • Visual Allure: A ruby red canvas adorned with bright reflections, inviting at first glance.
  • Aromatic Harmony: A bouquet of wild strawberry, cherry, and rose petals, interwoven with balsamic and undergrowth whispers, enchants the nose.
  • Palatal Elegance: A tapestry of softness and structure unfolds on the palate, with silky tannins and a fresh-savory dynamic that elevates the tasting experience. The enduring finish celebrates red fruit sensations, a testament to the wine's youthful vitality and aging potential.

In the Winery's Embrace

With meticulous attention to detail, the grapes transform in stainless steel tanks, where temperature-controlled fermentation and skin contact unlock the grape's intrinsic qualities. The ensuing maturation in steel, followed by a brief repose in the bottle, ensures that 'Fuschia' reaches the connoisseur in its optimal expression.

A Toast to Tradition and Innovation

The 2020 Gabriele Cordero 'Fuschia' Nebbiolo is more than a wine; it is a narrative of family, innovation, and the enduring allure of Nebbiolo. Limited to just 500 bottles, this Langhe Nebbiolo, though Roero in spirit, invites enthusiasts to explore the nuanced terrains of Piedmont through a lens of purity and elegance. Whether savored in its vivacious youth or cherished after years in the cellar, 'Fuschia' is a journey through the heart of Roero, a sip of the little fog that dances upon the vineyards of Priocca.


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