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DeLoach Vineyards

DeLoach Vineyards 'California Series' Heritage Reserve Merlot, California

DeLoach Vineyards 'California Series' Heritage Reserve Merlot, California

Elegance Redefined: The 2020 Heritage Reserve Merlot's Journey

History and Pedigree: Nestled within California's golden vistas, our Heritage Reserve line is a proud proclamation of our unwavering commitment to the state's illustrious, sun-kissed terroir. The 2020 Merlot is a beacon of this legacy, embodying the spirit of California's vineyards through our pioneering sustainable farming practices and a storied tradition of viticultural mastery.

Production Highlights: The journey of the 2020 Merlot begins with a deliberate selection of superior Merlot grapes cultivated across California's esteemed, sustainably managed vineyards. Our vinification process marries tradition with innovation, aging the wine primarily in stainless steel to preserve its varietal purity, while a discerning use of seasoned American oak barrels introduces a nuanced oak character. This meticulous approach ensures the wine's fruit-forward essence and approachability, embodying our vision of balance and finesse.

Product Details: The 2020 vintage unfurled under the auspices of ideal climatic conditions, heralding a season of bountiful promise. The early onset of bud break, propelled by mild temperatures, transitioned into a summer of warmth, culminating in a harvest imbued with smaller, flavor-concentrated berries. This harmonious confluence of conditions underscores our dedication to capturing the quintessence of California's terroir in each bottle.

Sensory Perception: Crafted under the watchful eye of our winemakers, this Merlot unveils a tapestry of aromas, from the delicate interplay of fresh plum and lavender to the robust essence of cedar. On the palate, this complexity deepens, weaving black cherry and tobacco into a rich, sensory narrative. The finale is a symphony of graham cracker and cocoa, a medium-bodied ode to California's winemaking prowess, with a lush mouthfeel and a finish that lingers like the final note of a captivating melody.

Pairings and Occasions: This Merlot perfectly accompanies life's memorable moments, whether a sophisticated soirée or a tranquil evening at home. It pairs exquisitely with a spectrum of culinary delights, from the savory depth of roasted meats to the rich textures of artisanal cheeses. Each glass is an invitation to explore the artistry of sustainable Californian winemaking, making it an indispensable addition to any gathering or celebration, a testament to our heritage, and a homage to the future of winemaking.


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