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Colterenzio Schreckbichl, Italy

Colterenzio-Schreckbichl Blaubunger-Pinot Nero, Alto Adige, Italy

Colterenzio-Schreckbichl Blaubunger-Pinot Nero, Alto Adige, Italy

Nestled in the scenic foothills of Alto Adige, where northern Italy gracefully meets Austria, lies Colterenzio-Schreckbichl, a winery steeped in tradition and innovation. This 2022 Blaubunger-Pinot Nero captures the essence of its terroir, a testament to the winery's dedication to quality and heritage.

Product Details

  • Grape Variety: Pinot Noir
  • Location: West-facing slopes at altitudes between 400-500 meters
  • Soil: Morainal mixed with clay and eroded porphyry
  • Yield: 70 hl/ha
  • Winemaking:
    • Fermented in stainless steel tanks at approximately 25°C
    • Malolactic fermentation
    • Refined in concrete tanks and large wooden casks for at least 6 months
  • Alcohol: 13.5% Vol
  • Total Acidity: 5.1 g/l
  • Residual Sugar: 2.4 g/l

Sensory Description

The 2022 Blaubunger-Pinot Nero dazzles with its brilliant medium ruby red hue. On the nose, it offers a fresh, fruity bouquet of red currants and black cherry. The palate is medium-bodied, presenting round, soft tannins and ripe berry flavors seamlessly integrated with balanced acidity. This stylish and elegant wine promises a delightful sensory experience, embodying both charm and finesse.

Winemaker's Background

Colterenzio-Schreckbichl, located in the Sudtirol region of Alto Adige, is a celebrated cooperative comprising over 300 local grape-growing families. These families contribute to a diverse portfolio that includes both international and indigenous varieties. The winery, named after the ancient wine village of Cornaiano, boasts a range of wines from fruit-forward varietals to the sophisticated Lafóa range. Under the guidance of former president Luis Raifer, the winery has adopted stringent quality standards, ensuring exceptional wines with the capacity for aging. The winery also champions sustainability, incorporating solar panels and environmentally integrated designs in their facilities.

Serving Suggestions

The 2022 Blaubunger-Pinot Nero is a versatile companion to a variety of dishes. It pairs beautifully with light starters, roast partridge, rack of hare, Peking duck, and meaty fish. For optimal enjoyment, serve this wine slightly chilled at 60°F (16°C). With a cellaring potential of 2-4 years, it can be savored now or allowed to develop further complexity with time.

Indulge in the elegance of Colterenzio-Schreckbichl's 2022 Blaubunger-Pinot Nero and experience the rich heritage and meticulous craftsmanship of Alto Adige's viticultural legacy.


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