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Casa Del Bosque

Casas Del Bosque 'Grand Reserva' Cabernet Sauvignon, Maipo Alto, Chile

Casas Del Bosque 'Grand Reserva' Cabernet Sauvignon, Maipo Alto, Chile

The Maipo Maestro: Casas Del Bosque 'Gran Reserva' Cabernet Sauvignon

History and Pedigree: A Legacy Cultivated

Casas Del Bosque, established in the esteemed Maipo Alto region of Chile, has become synonymous with exceptional Cabernet Sauvignon under the stewardship of Alberto Guolo, a winemaker with deep roots in Italy's Veneto. Since joining in 2017, Guolo has brought his extensive experience from Italy, New Zealand, and California to bear, further elevating the winery's cool-climate wines to new heights.

Winemaker's Journey: Alberto Guolo's Influence

Alberto Guolo, hailing from Monselice, Italy, boasts an impressive academic and professional background that spans continents. His journey from the University of Padua to Casas Del Bosque in Chile is marked by a commitment to excellence and innovation. As chief winemaker, Guolo's international experience and dedication to sustainable practices have played a crucial role in the winery's success, embodying a legacy of quality reflected in every bottle of 'Gran Reserva' Cabernet Sauvignon.

Vineyard's Voice: The Maipo's Terroir

The 'Gran Reserva' thrives in the Maipo Valley's gravelly soils, benefiting from the cool climate that defines this region. The meticulous management of vineyards in Isla de Maipo and Hacienda Chada, along with select parcels from Puente Alto, contributes to the wine's complexity and depth.

Craftsmanship: Artful Vinification

Handpicked between March 25th and April 15th, 2019, the grapes undergo a careful selection, destemming, and pressing process in stainless steel tanks before fermentation. Aged for 11 months in French oak barrels, this wine encapsulates the essence of its terroir, augmented by Guolo's artisanal touch.

Tasting Notes: A Palette of Elegance

With a deep, intense purple hue, this Cabernet Sauvignon reveals layers of cassis and mint, enriched by dried figs, raspberries, and a subtle blend of vanilla and spices from barrel aging. Its ripe, well-integrated tannins promise a wine of density, concentration, and the elegance of mature complexity.

Pairing Perfection: Culinary Companions

This 'Gran Reserva' is a versatile partner to a range of dishes, enhancing flavors from grilled meats to rich, savory cheeses, embodying the ideal balance for refined dining and casual gatherings.

Casas Del Bosque's 'Gran Reserva' Cabernet Sauvignon is more than just a wine; it is a testament to the rich heritage of Maipo Alto, the visionary craftsmanship of Alberto Guolo, and the relentless pursuit of perfection that defines the winery's ethos.


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