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Weinlaubenhof Alois Kracher 'Illmitz' Pinot Gris, Burgenland, Austria

Weinlaubenhof Alois Kracher 'Illmitz' Pinot Gris, Burgenland, Austria

2019 Weinlaubenhof Alois Kracher 'Illmitz' Pinot Gris

The Refined Elegance of Burgenland

From the esteemed Weinlaubenhof estate, the 2019 Alois Kracher 'Illmitz' Pinot Gris is a pillar of Austrian winemaking excellence. This selection is a testament to the Weinlaubenhof's global recognition, synonymous with the pinnacle of noble sweet wines, yet it demonstrates its versatility with a superb dry white.

Product Details:

  • Appellation: Burgenland
  • Varietals: Pinot Gris
  • Color: Pale green-yellow
  • Aroma: Fresh apple fruit, honey melon, wild herbs
  • Taste: Juicy, elegant texture, discreet acidity, white tropical fruit flavors
  • Finish: Fresh citrus, pleasant minerality
  • Fermentation: Stainless steel tanks for 7 months
  • Alcohol: 13%

This Pinot Gris offers an exceptional alternative to the standard Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc, with a palate that combines character, finesse, and acidity. It is the leading dry white produced by Kracher, complementing the extraordinary range of sweet wines for which the winery is renowned.

Tasting Notes and Pairings:

The 'Illmitz' boasts a delicate palette of color, exuding pleasing aromas of fresh apple, honey melon, and a whisper of wild herbs. On the palate, it reveals itself as juicy with an elegant texture. Discreet acidity accompanies the flavors of white tropical fruits, culminating in a finish marked by fresh citrus and pleasant minerality. With the versatility to pair across a broad spectrum of cuisines, this Pinot Gris is optimal for unique pairing menus and adds sophistication to any wine list.

Legacy and Craftsmanship:

The Kracher winery, nestled close to Lake Neusiedl, benefits from the lake's microclimate, especially its nurturing of botrytis, contributing to the distinctiveness of the wine. Alois Kracher Sr., a pioneer and visionary, recognized the potential of Burgenland's exceptional grape varieties early on. His son, Gerhard, and his wife, Yvonne, carry on this legacy with the same spirit of innovation and tradition, earning the winery continuous high ratings and respect within the sommelier community.

A Celebrated Tradition:

The 'Illmitz' embodies the Weinlaubenhof's dedication to precision and love for exceptional grape varieties, reflected in the consistent critical acclaim and the numerous "Winemaker of the Year" awards. It represents the heritage of Austrian winemaking and the promise of its future, offering a wine of great character that consumers value.

Raise a glass of the 2019 Alois Kracher 'Illmitz' Pinot Gris and savor the embodiment of Burgenland's unique terroir, a sublime choice that stands tall among the greats of Austrian wine.


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