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Siete 7 Leguas

Siete 7 Leguas Tequila Reposado, Jalisco, Mexico

Siete 7 Leguas Tequila Reposado, Jalisco, Mexico

Siete 7 Leguas Tequila Reposado

A Journey Through Flavor and Tradition from Jalisco, Mexico

Immerse yourself in the rich heritage and exquisite craftsmanship of Siete 7 Leguas Tequila Reposado, a remarkable expression of authentic tequila from the heartland of Jalisco, Mexico. Celebrated for its meticulous production process and the unparalleled quality of its agave, this Reposado stands as a testament to the dedication and skill of the artisans at Siete Leguas.

Sensory Profile:

  • Transparency: Brilliant and crystalline.
  • Color: A soft straw yellow with golden and greenish nuances, enriched with flashes of brilliance.
  • Body: Full-bodied and unctuous, demonstrating high adhesion in the glass with a slow descent of tears or legs.

Aromatic Notes:

Upon opening, it greets you with the rich aromas of cooked and fresh agave intertwined with herbaceous notes and the sweet, woody essence from its barrel aging. Upon stirring, it reveals layers of cooked agave, light herbaceous, and citrus tones alongside the ripening scents akin to white tequila. The background offers whispers of vanilla and dried fruits like raisins and prunes, with floral and wooden notes, balancing the fruitiness of banana and pear.

Palate Experience:

  • Mouth Feeling: Warm and pleasing, with a silky, creamy texture that is dense on the tongue and palate. It offers a slight softness and dryness, accompanied by a subtle freshness and balanced alcoholic warmth.
  • Flavor Profile: A harmonious blend of cooked agave with the freshness of herbaceous elements such as peppermint, mint, chamomile, and citrus fruits like grapefruit and lemon. Light, sweet nuances from the barrels, including caramel and vanilla, complement the taste with a finish that maintains the richness of dried fruits and the enduring flavor of cooked agave.

Aftertaste: A lingering sensation that accentuates the fruit and sweet wood flavors, including caramel, vanilla, and nuts, without losing the essence of the cooked agave.

Craftsmanship and Aging:

Distilled from the finest Agave tequiliana Weber (blue agave), Siete 7 Leguas Tequila Reposado undergoes an elaborate process starting from the red soil of Atotonilco el Alto, Jalisco. The agave reaches its peak maturity after approximately seven years, at which point it is carefully harvested and cooked in small stone ovens. Following a natural fermentation process, the tequila is distilled in copper stills and aged for 8 months in American white oak barrels previously used for Bourbon, adding layers of complexity and smoothness to the final spirit.


Siete 7 Leguas Tequila Reposado is a versatile spirit that can be savored neat, on the rocks, or as a sophisticated cocktail component. Its unique flavor profile makes it an excellent companion to shrimp, BBQ, or as a solitary indulgence, allowing the connoisseur to explore the depth and breadth of its character.

Embark on a journey of discovery with Siete 7 Leguas Tequila Reposado, a celebration of tradition, flavor, and the art of tequila making from the heart of Jalisco.


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