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Marquis de Goulaine, France

Marquis de Goulaine Chenin Blanc, Vouvray, Loire, France

Marquis de Goulaine Chenin Blanc, Vouvray, Loire, France

"Renaissance Reflections: Marquis de Goulaine Vouvray 2020"

A Legacy Enshrined in Loire Valley

Nestled at the gateway to Nantes and the vast Atlantic, the Renaissance Château de Goulaine emerges from the Loire Valley's mists, a testament to a legacy that intertwines the noble Goulaine family with the rich tapestry of French history. Since the Middle Ages, this emblematic estate has been a custodian of heritage and tradition, its lands cradling the roots of vines that yield the exquisite Marquis de Goulaine Vouvray 2020.

The Essence of Vouvray

Crafted from 100% Chenin Blanc, the 2020 Marquis de Goulaine Vouvray perfectly expresses the Loire Valley's terroir. This off-dry wine glimmers with a pale yellow hue adorned with golden whispers, inviting one to explore the depth of its character. Medium-bodied and gracefully balanced, it offers a palate where sweetness and acidity dance perfectly.

Tasting Notes

  • Color: Pale yellow with golden hints
  • Nose: An expressive bouquet of floral and ripe fruit notes, including citrus and quince, evolving into honey aromas with time
  • Palate: Begins with a fresh, round entrance, blooming into a complete and rounded palate. A delicate balance of sweetness and acidity leads to a long finish, returning to honey and dried fruit notes.
  • Finish: Short, with lingering notes reminiscent of honey smacks cereal
  • Aromas: Oxidized red apple, nutty almond, and cereal, with hints of honey, orange peel, peach, and wildflower nectar
  • Taste: Red apple, peach, honey, and yellow apple

A Wine of Renaissance Elegance

Drawing inspiration from its storied past and the architectural transformation overseen by Christophe 2 de Goulaine after his Italian sojourn, the 2020 Vouvray mirrors the château's essence. This wine encapsulates a legacy of exploration, refinement, and the noble pursuit of excellence. Its subtle bouquet and palate are reminiscent of the château's serene beauty and the mystique of its surrounding marshlands, protected under 'Natura 2000'.

Culinary Pairings

The 2020 Marquis de Goulaine Vouvray finds its perfect companions in baklava's rich, layered textures and flavors, where the wine's honeyed notes and subtle sweetness enhance the dessert's intricate spicing and nuttiness. This Vouvray is an invitation to explore the subtleties of Loire Valley wines, promising an experience that is as enriching as it is delightful.

In Conclusion

The Marquis de Goulaine Vouvray 2020 is not merely a wine but a reflection of a rich heritage that spans centuries. From the fertile vineyards of the Loire Valley to the historic halls of the Château de Goulaine, each sip offers a journey through time, celebrating the enduring legacy of the Goulaine family and the timeless elegance of French winemaking.


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