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Apothic Red Blend, California

Apothic Red Blend, California

Apothic Red Blend, California: A Tapestry of Flavor

Discover the 2021 Apothic Red, a testament to the blending of artistry and the richness of Californian vineyards. This Zinfandel-led red blend is not just a wine; it's a luxurious journey through taste and aroma, crafted for those who appreciate the depth and complexity of a well-made blend.

Rich and Refined: The Flavor Profile

The 2021 Apothic Red is a masterful blend that leads with Zinfandel, offering silky, smooth layers of black cherry, boysenberry, and black pepper. Syrah and Merlot join this symphony, introducing notes of ripe blueberry and boysenberry, while an assortment of other red varieties contributes dimension with subtle hints of spice. The palate is soft and plush, culminating in a long finish adorned with vanilla and mocha, a nod to the selective oak aging that enhances the wine's elegance.

Viticulture: Sourced from California's Finest

The grapes for Apothic Red are primarily selected from the renowned Lodi and Central Valley regions in California. Zinfandel grapes, known for their intensely concentrated and silky texture, are sourced from Lodi, adding a premium touch to this blend. The calm and mild conditions of California's 2021 growing season, punctuated by an August heat spell, led to an early harvest, yielding wines with vibrant acidity and concentrated flavors.

Winemaking: Crafted with Passion and Precision

Apothic Red marks our first release, a bold and original blend of California-grown red grapes that sparked a phenomenon. The winemaking process involved de-stemming the grapes, with a portion selected for whole-cluster fermentation. Fermentation occurred over five to seven days in a mix of cone-sweep and upright tanks, with temperatures between 85-88°F. This meticulous temperature control was crucial in extracting the deep color and dark fruit notes that define Apothic Red.

Indulge in the 2021 Apothic Red Blend, a wine that encapsulates the essence of Californian viticulture and the art of blending. It's more than a wine; it celebrates bold flavors and sophisticated winemaking.


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