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Carlton Hill Vineyard

Carlton Hill Vineyard 'Estate' Pinot Noir, Yamhill-Carlton District, California

Carlton Hill Vineyard 'Estate' Pinot Noir, Yamhill-Carlton District, California

Eloquence in Elevation: 2017 Carlton Hill Vineyard 'Estate' Pinot Noir

Nestled within the verdant embrace of Oregon's Willamette Valley, the 2017 Carlton Hill Vineyard 'Estate' Pinot Noir is a testament to the delicate dance between nature's whims and a winemaker's resolve. This offering from the Yamhill-Carlton District marries the region's climatic duality with the art of viniculture, crafting a Pinot Noir that resonates with elegance and depth.

Vintage Vignettes: A Climate's Caress

The journey of the 2017 vintage was one of climatic flirtation, from the cool embrace of spring to the fervent heat of summer, culminating in an autumnal respite that guided the grapes to their serene ripeness. This seasonal narrative, marked by a challenging yet rewarding maturation, has imbued the wine with a character as complex as the weather patterns that shaped its creation. Harvested in phases to capture the essence of temporal diversity, the grapes have yielded a wine that is a vibrant echo of its year.

Vinification Virtuosity

Aged for 11 months in oak with a discerning use of 40% whole cluster fermentation, the wine has developed an intricate tannin structure and a spice profile that complements its innate fruitiness. With an ABV of 13.5%, this Pinot Noir articulates the balance between potency and poise, offering a medium-bodied palate that is both light on its feet and profound in its expression.

Sensory Splendor

Awarded 93 points by James Suckling and 91 by Vinous, the 2017 Carlton Hill 'Estate' Pinot Noir unfurls ripe strawberries and cherries veiled in floral undertones and a medley of baking spice, red currant, and bitter cherry flavors. Its garnet hue, a prelude to the finesse within, introduces a palate graced by cinnamon, vanilla, and toasted rye bread nuances, culminating in a finish where delicate chocolate and warm spice linger.

Pairing Perfection

This wine, described as "light and perfumed," finds its culinary counterpart in the simplicity and subtlety of chicken and turkey dishes. The bright red raspberry and cherry flavors, alongside the exotic spices and floral notes, enhance the delicate flavors of poultry, making for a harmonious dining experience.

A Testament to Time

With a drinking window extending from 2020 to 2026, the 2017 Carlton Hill Vineyard 'Estate' Pinot Noir invites immediate indulgence and patient aging. This Pinot Noir is not just a bottle of wine; it's a narrative of resilience, a celebration of terroir, and a beacon of the enduring allure of Oregon's winemaking tradition. Savor this exquisite expression of the Willamette Valley, where each sip is a journey through time and taste.


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