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April 2024 Wine Club Selections: A Journey Through Vines and Vision

This April, Wine Dispensary takes you on a curated journey through our Select, Premier, and Private Sommelier Tiers, a voyage encapsulating the spirit of tradition, the hallmark of innovation, and the rarity of vineyard artistry. We invite you to savor the narrative of each wine, crafted by visionaries and rooted in the diverse terroirs of our world.

Select Tier: A Tapestry of Terroir

In our Select Tier, we explore the vast landscapes of winemaking, from the historical depth of France and Italy to the pioneering soils of Austria and Spain, each wine a story of its origin, made distinct by its creators' dedication.

  • 2020 Stephane Vedeau' Mademoiselle Du Mont' GSM Blend, a gem from the Southern Rhône, is a testament to biodynamic cultivation, masterfully blended by Stéphane Vedeau. With limited production, this wine delights with a vibrant fusion of Grenache and Syrah, aged with precision to highlight its fresh, red fruit and spicy notes.
  • Elgin, South Africa's cool climate brings us the 2020 Oak Valley' Sounds of Silence' Pinot Noir. This Pinot Noir, born from solitude, reflects the Oak Valley Estate's heritage and innovation, offering a delicate interplay of strawberry and savory earthiness, a rare find from the southern slopes of the Groenland Mountains.
  • From the high altitudes of Sudsteiermark, Austria, 2020 Weingut Schauer 'Kitzeck-Sausal' Sauvignon Blanc reveals the innovative spirit of the Schauer brothers. With its lean, mineral-driven profile, this Sauvignon Blanc encapsulates the essence of its terroir, heralding the winery's transition to organic certification.
  • The 2019 Gran Bericanto 'Riserva' Colli Berici Red Blend from Veneto, Italy, marries the region's volcanic legacy with the Cielo family's winemaking heritage. This blend, nurtured in a land of Renaissance and volcanic soils, stands out for its robust flavor and the craftsmanship of its creators, making it a noteworthy addition to any collection.
  • Venturing into Spain, the 2021 Ferratus' Blanco' Albillo Mayor from Ribera del Duero showcases the rare Albillo Mayor grape. Limited to 1,701 bottles, this wine is a testament to tradition and precision, offering a palette of white peach and honeyed flowers, a luxurious exploration of Spanish viticulture.

Premier Tier: The Height of Elegance

The Premier Tier elevates the experience, presenting wines that exemplify the pinnacle of their regions' craftsmanship, from the esteemed terrains of France and Napa Valley to the pioneering vineyards of Oregon and Spain.

  • The Loire Valley's 2020 Comte Henry d’Assay ‘Pouilly Fumé Classique’ Sauvignon Blanc is a testament to the meticulous selection and passion for Sauvignon Blanc by Corinne and Henri d'Assay. This wine, embodying Pouilly-Fumé's flinty soils, offers a refreshing narrative of the region's terroir.
  • Napa Valley's 2017 Freemark Abbey' Stagecoach Vineyard' Merlot showcases the opulence of Atlas Peak, a narrative of depth and complexity, aged in French barrels to perfect its rich, dark fruit profile. This Merlot is a luxurious testament to Napa's winemaking prestige.
  • 2019 Watermill Winery' Hallowed Stones' Estate Cabernet Franc from Columbia Valley, Oregon, is a narrative of rarity and craftsmanship. With 92 cases produced, this wine captures the essence of the estate's terroir, a limited-edition gem marring innovation with tradition.
  • From Rías Baixas, Spain, the 2022 Bodegas Zarate' Balado' Albariño reflects tradition and meticulous care. Crafted from vines replanted in 1950 and limited to 2,640 bottles annually, this Albariño stands as a symbol of purity and the estate's commitment to sustainable viticulture.

Private Sommelier: A Collection of Rarity

Our most exclusive tier, the Private Sommelier, offers members unparalleled access to wines that define luxury and scarcity. Each month, we personalize our selections to the client's needs. Here is just a small selection:

  • Tuscany's 2019 La Caccia di San Giovanni Rosso Red Blend presents a luxurious blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Sangiovese, and Petit Verdot, a reflection of the estate's rich soil and the craftsmanship of winemakers Marc Gagnon and Michael Kennedy, limited to 510 cases.
  • Non-Vintage Opus One 'Overture' Red Blend bridges the legacy of Bordeaux and Napa Valley, a harmonious blend from the iconic estate that symbolizes the collaboration between Baron Philippe de Rothschild and Robert Mondavi, a testament to visionary winemaking.
  • 2019 Chateau Kirwan' Les Charmes de Kirwan' Red Blend from Bordeaux, France, offers a journey through the esteemed Margaux appellation, showcasing the estate's commitment to excellence and the blend's rich complexity, celebrated by wine enthusiasts around the globe.

Celebrating the Art of Wine

This April, we invite our Wine Club members to traverse the globe through our curated selections, a celebration of the distinctive, the innovative, and the rare. Each tier, from the exploratory journey of the Select Tier to the refined elegance of the Premier and the exclusivity of the Private Sommelier Tier, embodies our commitment to bringing unparalleled wine experiences to your table. Join us in toasting these extraordinary wines, each a narrative of its heritage, terroir, and the dedicated hands that brought it to life.