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Longridge, South Africa

Longridge Cabernet Franc, Stellenbosch, South Africa

Longridge Cabernet Franc, Stellenbosch, South Africa

"Eco-Elegance Unveiled: 2019 Longridge Cabernet Franc"

History and Pedigree

Longridge Wine Estate, nestled in the fertile slopes of the Helderberg within the renowned Stellenbosch region of South Africa, presents a legacy intertwined with the essence of sustainable viticulture. Under the stewardship of Jasper Raats, a vintner with an international pedigree, Longridge stands as a beacon of eco-friendly wine production. This commitment is embodied in the 2019 Longridge Cabernet Franc, a testament to the estate's philosophy of harnessing nature's bounty while minimizing its footprint on the earth.

Production Highlights

The creation of the 2019 Longridge Cabernet Franc is a narrative of meticulous natural processes, from hand-sorting the grapes to embracing natural fermentation with wild yeast. The wine's journey from vine to bottle is a harmonious blend of tradition and environmental consciousness, aged for 23 months in new French oak to achieve a complexity and elegance that speaks volumes of its heritage. This approach, emphasizing minimal intervention and the refusal to use commercial yeasts, enzymes, or filtration methods, underlines Longridge's dedication to producing wines of world-class standard in the most natural way possible.

Product Details

  • Region: Stellenbosch, South Africa
  • Variety: 100% Cabernet Franc
  • Soil: Deep fine granite Tukulu
  • ABV: 13.8%

Sensory Perception

The 2019 Longridge Cabernet Franc unfolds with intricate aromas and flavors, vividly reflecting its storied terroir. The cool Atlantic breezes and the unique Tukulu soils contribute to a robust and refined wine. Notes of ripe berries mingle with subtle hints of spice and earth, leading to an elegantly structured palate with a velvety texture. The wine's finish is graceful and lingering, a testament to its thoughtful maturation in French oak.

Pairings and Occasions

This Cabernet Franc is a versatile companion to various culinary experiences, from hearty meat dishes to refined vegetarian creations. Its balance of fruit and earthiness enhances the flavors of grilled vegetables, roasted lamb, or a classic ratatouille, making it a perfect choice for dinners celebrating the land's bounty. Beyond the table, this wine is a fitting tribute to occasions that call for reflection on the beauty of nature and the importance of sustainability in our world.

A Commitment to Sustainability

Longridge's journey is not just about crafting exquisite wines; it's about leading by example in the pursuit of environmental stewardship. With initiatives like solar energy utilization, biodynamic farming practices, and a steadfast commitment to reducing carbon emissions, Longridge Wine Estate embodies the spirit of sustainability. Their approach goes beyond the vineyard, embracing biodynamic principles that ensure the health of the land for generations to come.

In every bottle of the 2019 Longridge Cabernet Franc, there lies not just a wine but a message of harmony with nature, a celebration of sustainable winemaking, and a glimpse into the future of the wine industry. It is a beacon for those who seek not only to enjoy the world's finest wines but also to contribute to the well-being of our planet.


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