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XXVI Talhas

XXVI Talhas 'Palhete Do Tareco' Claret, Alentejo, Portugal

XXVI Talhas 'Palhete Do Tareco' Claret, Alentejo, Portugal

The 2022 XXVI Talhas 'Palhete Do Tareco' Claret is a delightful tribute to the ancient winemaking traditions of Alentejo, Portugal. This light red wine, crafted with a blend of both white and black grapes, embodies the spirit of the region's rich viticultural heritage. With a short aging period in traditional clay amphorae, this wine showcases the unique flavors and aromas that define the Palhete style.

Product Details:

  • Grape Varieties: Aragonês, Trincadeira, Tinta Grossa, Antão Vaz, Roupeiro, Diagalves
  • Appellation: Alentejo
  • Alcohol by Volume: 13.0%
  • Harvest: Manual harvest in small capacity containers
  • Winemaking:
    • Total destemming and slight crushing
    • Fermented with maceration and contact with the skins for two months in clay pots
    • Indigenous yeasts used
    • No temperature control during fermentation
    • No filtration or stabilization, with natural filtration occurring through the masses in the talha

Sensory Description: The 2022 'Palhete Do Tareco' Claret presents a vibrant ruby color. Its aromatic profile is filled with red fruits and subtle hints of jam. On the palate, this wine is dry, offering a pleasant volume and texture. The finish is long and elegant, leaving a lasting impression of finesse and balance.

Winemaker's Background: XXVI Talhas is a project born from the passion and dedication of a group of friends native to Vila Alva. Inspired by the traditional winemaking methods passed down through generations, they have revived Mestre Daniel’s old winery, which houses 26 clay amphorae (talhas). Their mission is to honor and promote the ancient Roman technique of talha winemaking, a practice that has been preserved in their village for centuries. By continuing this tradition, XXVI Talhas aims to reverse the decline in traditional winemaking practices and bring renewed attention to the unique wines of Vila Alva.

Serving Suggestions: Serve the 2022 XXVI Talhas 'Palhete Do Tareco' Claret slightly chilled at around 55-60°F (13-15°C). This versatile wine pairs wonderfully with a variety of dishes, including grilled fish, roasted poultry, and light pasta dishes. Its refreshing character and light body also make it an excellent choice for summer picnics and casual gatherings. Enjoy this wine as an aperitif or with a charcuterie board for a truly authentic Portuguese experience.


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