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Pinhook 'Flagship' Bourbondini Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Pinhook 'Flagship' Bourbondini Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

2022 Pinhook 'Flagship' Bourbondini Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey: Crafting Uniqueness in Every Sip

A New Take on Tradition Pinhook's 2022 'Flagship' Bourbondini Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey breaks the mold of traditional bourbon-making. Embracing a novel approach akin to winemaking, Pinhook focuses on creating unique annual vintages instead of replicating the same whiskey year after year. This innovative method involves selecting a new array of barrels each year, which undergoes multiple rounds of meticulous blending and proofing. The result is a balanced whiskey that both respects and refreshes the American whiskey tradition.

Tasting Notes: A Symphony of Flavors The 2022 vintage of Pinhook's Flagship Bourbon presents an inviting nose that blends the warm, comforting aromas of baked peaches, orange blossom, clove, and honey. On the palate, this bourbon offers a harmonious medley of flavors, featuring vanilla bean, toasted almond, cinnamon, and butterscotch. These notes come together to create a bourbon that is not just a drink, but an experience.

Versatile and Accessible Designed for everyday enjoyment, the 2022 Pinhook Bourbon is versatile in its use. It stands out in cocktails, offering a rich and complex base, but it's also smooth and inviting as a straight pour. Each year's vintage brings subtle variations in proof and flavor profile, ensuring that each Pinhook pour is a new discovery, yet consistently excellent.

Pinhook's dedication to crafting unique, high-quality whiskey each year makes the 2022 'Flagship' Bourbondini Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey a standout choice for those who appreciate both the tradition and evolution of American whiskey.


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