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Eigashima Brewery

White Oak Distillery 'Akashi' Blended Whiskey, Japan

White Oak Distillery 'Akashi' Blended Whiskey, Japan

Discover the Essence of Akashi: A Journey Through Japanese Whisky Artistry

Eigashima Shuzo: A Legacy of Craftsmanship

Near the serene Osaka Bay, Eigashima Shuzo, known as White Oak Distillery, is a beacon of Japanese distilling tradition. As one of Japan's oldest family-run distilleries, its roots delve deep into centuries of beverage crafting excellence. With its warm coastal climate, Eigashima enjoys having the most conducive weather for whisky maturation among Japanese distilleries, a testament to its unique position in the whisky world.

A Philosophy Carved from Honesty

Eigashima's motto, "With Honesty," echoes through its approach to distillation, embodying a commitment to transparency and integrity. This philosophy has guided the distillery through generations, ensuring that each product, from sake to its acclaimed whiskies, is a masterpiece of meticulous craftsmanship.

Akashi Whisky: A Harmonious Blend

The Akashi Japanese Blended Whiskey is a testament to Eigashima's dedication to quality and innovation. Crafted from a blend of wheat, barley, and rye and aged in a unique combination of ex-bourbon, barley shochu, and sherry barrels, Akashi Whisky presents a malty and citrusy profile with a distinctive salinity—a nod to its coastal heritage.

Tasting Journey

Akashi invites enthusiasts on a sensory exploration, starting with a nose that weaves together lemon, apricot, cherry, toffee, and the fresh scent of sea air, leading to a clean and engaging palate. A touch of peat on the finish adds depth, offering an excellent entry point into the nuanced world of Japanese whisky.

A Distillery Defined by Its Spirit

The Eigashima Distillery's small-scale operation allows an unparalleled focus on quality over quantity. With production ramping up to meet the growing demand for Japanese whisky, the distillery's dedication to crafting exceptional spirits remains unwavering. The diverse barrel aging, including unique finishes in tequila, cognac, and Eigashima Wine casks, underscores a spirit of innovation and exploration.

Akashi: A Gateway to Excellence

Akashi Japanese Blended Whiskey is not merely a beverage; it's an invitation to explore the rich tapestry of Japanese whisky. Perfect for those transitioning from Scotch or searching for an everyday dram, Akashi represents the pinnacle of approachability and refinement in the whisky world. Dive into the heritage of Eigashima Shuzo and experience the artistry that has defined this storied distillery for generations.


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