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Farm and Spirit 'Mashbuild' Rye Whiskey finished in a Barbados Rum Barrel

Farm and Spirit 'Mashbuild' Rye Whiskey finished in a Barbados Rum Barrel

Rye Whiskey Finished in a 6-Year Old Barbados Rum Barrel. 

We wondered what it would taste like if we finished a bold, peppery rye in the most exclusive rum casks we could find. The results were beyond anything we could have expected.

The barrels we chose for this experiment were used to age a six-year rum just off of Brandons Beach in Bridgetown, Barbados.

Complex and full of flavor, the spice and caramel notes of the rye whiskey base are complemented by notes of apricot, banana, orange, and vanilla imparted by the Barbados rum barrel. This bottle is truly a must-have for anyone who enjoys barrel-finished whiskeys.

Each batch of Mashbuild has its own signature taste and we pride ourselves on doing things that are different, unique, and unexpected. This barrel-finished rye whiskey is no exception.

But no matter which batch of Mashbuild you are tasting, all of them bring a lot of whiskey flavor, all are unique drinking experiences, 100% exclusive, and 100% delicious.


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