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Mars Whisky

Mars Whiskey 'Iwai Tradition' Whisky, Japan

Mars Whiskey 'Iwai Tradition' Whisky, Japan

Mars Whiskey 'Iwai Tradition': A Symphony of the Japanese Alps

Elevated Craftsmanship

Perched among the majestic heights of the Japanese Alps, Mars Shinshu Distillery claims the title of Japan's highest whiskey distillery, standing nearly 800 meters above sea level. This unique position, nestled between the north and south Alps, provides an excellent climate ideal for the slow maturation of whiskey. The Hombo family, with a distilling legacy spanning over a century, ventured into whiskey production in 1949, marking the beginning of a journey that would eventually lead them to establish the revered site in Nagano.

A Tribute to Tradition and Innovation

The 'Iwai Tradition' whiskey is a loving homage to Mars Whiskey's rich history and innovative spirit. Named after Kiichiro Iwai, a luminary in Japanese whiskey, this spirit encapsulates the essence of modern Japanese whiskey-making. Its malt-driven character is a testament to the meticulous blending of sherry, bourbon, and wine casks, with a delicate touch of peat adding depth and complexity. This whiskey is not just a drink; it reflects a harmonious balance between tradition and contemporary craftsmanship.

Sensory Journey through the Alps

Tasting 'Iwai Tradition' is akin to a sensory hike through the Alps. Each sip reveals layers of ripe cherry and honey toffee, complemented by a beautiful ginger spice that lingers like the memory of a scenic vista. At 80 proof, it's accessible and engaging, inviting enthusiasts and novices alike to discover the subtleties of its flavor profile.

A Distillery with a Story

The Mars Shinshu Distillery's history is as rich and varied as the surrounding landscapes. Initially situated in Kagoshima, the Hombo family strategically moved to Nagano's Miyada village, drawn by its cool temperatures and soft, granite-filtered water. This relocation marked a new chapter in their whiskey-making journey and emphasized their dedication to producing spirits that are in harmony with their environment.

Revival and Innovation

The reopening of the original Kagoshima site as the Mars Tsunuki Distillery in 2016 and the establishment of an aging facility on Yakushima Island underscores Mars Whiskey's commitment to innovation and excellence. These strategic expansions allow for a broad exploration of distillation and aging processes, contributing to the depth and diversity of the Mars Whiskey portfolio.

A Toast to Harmony

Mars Whiskey 'Iwai Tradition' is more than a whiskey; it celebrates the meticulous care, innovative spirit, and environmental harmony that defines the Mars Shinshu Distillery. From its elevated origins in the Japanese Alps to its worldwide acclaim, 'Iwai Tradition' is a proud representation of contemporary Japanese whiskey-making, inviting all to savor its balanced, soft, and layered complexity.


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