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Pikasi Zelen, Vipava, Slovenia

Pikasi Zelen, Vipava, Slovenia


A Whisper of the Vipava

Nestled in the windswept Vipava Valley of Slovenia, the 2020 Pikasi Zelen offers a sip of local tradition crafted with the rare and indigenous Zelen grape. This unique varietal, embodying the vibrant hues of green and yellow, gives rise to a wine that is as distinctive as its origin—a testament to the valley's rich viticultural heritage and the innovative spirit of its winemakers.

Terroir and Tradition

Product Details:

  • Wine Region: Vipava Valley, Slovenia
  • Classification: Dry White Wine
  • Varietals: 100% Zelen
  • Alcohol: 12.5%
  • Serving Temperature: 8 – 10 °C

The 2020 Pikasi Zelen is a masterful expression of the Vipava Valley's dynamic climate, where Mediterranean breezes meet Alpine freshness. The region's clay and limestone soils enrich the grapes, while the unique sub-Mediterranean climate infuses each cluster with nuanced character. Crafted exclusively from hand-harvested Zelen grapes, this wine undergoes natural fermentation in stainless steel tanks, preserving the varietal's delicate floral and herbaceous qualities.

Vibrant and Vivacious

Upon the palate, this light yet elegantly structured wine dances with flavors of fresh herbs and ripe summer fruits, revealing layers of complexity under its light facade. Aromatic notes of wild asparagus, complemented by crisp acidity, make it a delightful companion to various dishes, especially fish pate and vinaigrette-laden creations.

The Soul of Pikasi

With each vintage, Pikasi reaffirms its dedication to producing wines that reflect the essence of its terroir. This Zelen is no exception; it is a vibrant testament to the valley's winemaking potential and the enduring beauty of its landscape. Aged for 11 months in stainless steel tanks and further refined on lees to enhance its textural complexity, this wine captures the soulful craft of its makers.

A Celebratory Sip

The 2020 Pikasi Zelen is more than a wine—an invitation to explore Slovenia's lush vineyards' lesser-known yet profoundly captivating varietals. It pairs splendidly with light, fresh dishes such as grilled fish or Creole-style prawns, making it a versatile choice for 


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