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Oak Valley Estates, South Africa

Oak Valley 'Sounds of Silence' Pinot Noir, Elgin, South Africa

Oak Valley 'Sounds of Silence' Pinot Noir, Elgin, South Africa

Whispers of the Wild: 2020 Oak Valley 'Sounds of Silence' Pinot Noir, Elgin

A Harmony of Heritage and Harshness:

Perched high on the southern slopes of the Groenland Mountains, the 2020 Oak Valley 'Sounds of Silence' Pinot Noir whispers the story of a vineyard cradled by the cold climate's embrace. Here, where the wind carries tales through the fynbos, the Pinot Noir vines find solace in solitude, thriving amidst the stark beauty of Elgin Valley's austerity. Selected from the stoic vineyard blocks 9, 15A, and 15B, a mere 20.7 km from the ocean, this vintage is a testament to the vines planted in 2001 and 2008, mirroring the majestic terroir of the Groenland Mountains.

A Legacy Rooted in Resilience:

Oak Valley Estate was established in 1898 by Sir Antonie Viljoen, a visionary who bridged cultures and laid the foundations of Elgin's agricultural prowess. His introduction of commercial apple orchards set a precedent, embedding the valley's name in history. Today, Oak Valley is a beacon of excellent climate winemaking, its wines a homage to over a century of innovation and excellence.

The Essence of Elegance:

The 'Sounds of Silence' Pinot Noir is an ode to the delicate balance required to cultivate this varietal, nestled between ripeness and restraint, fostered by the cool embrace of the Elgin Valley. In the cellar, the grapes are treated with the reverence they deserve, undergoing gentle maceration and fermenting at cool temperatures, maturing gracefully in French oak barrels. This careful stewardship allows the wine to unfurl its intricate layers, embodying the finesse of its lineage.

Tasting Notes:

Veiled in the elegance of dried florals, the nose is greeted with the fresh allure of strawberry and cranberry, intertwined with an inviting, savory earthiness. The palate is a delicate tapestry of pomegranate and strawberry, a dance of freshness and depth that lingers with every sip. With an alcohol content of 13.50%, a total acidity of 5.3 g/l, residual sugar of 1.7 g/l, and a pH of 3.44, this Pinot Noir is a symphony of balance and complexity.

Celebrating Silence and Solitude:

The 2020 Oak Valley 'Sounds of Silence' Pinot Noir is more than a wine; it reflects the land from which it hails, a narrative of hardship and harmony. It invites you to listen to the silence, find comfort in the solitude of its origins, and savor Elgin's untold stories with every glass.


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