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La Luna

La Luna 'Cupreata' Mezcal, Michoacan, Mexico

La Luna 'Cupreata' Mezcal, Michoacan, Mexico

Moonlit Mastery: La Luna Mezcal's Artisanal Embrace

La Luna 'Cupreata' Mezcal encapsulates the spirit of Michoacán, Mexico, with each sip offering a journey through its lush landscapes and rich cultural heritage. This narrative unfolds the essence of La Luna Mezcal, illuminating its storied background, artisanal production methods, and the unique sensory experience it provides, perfectly complemented by its role in crafting exquisite cocktails.

History and Pedigree

La Luna Mezcal stands as a testament to the ancient craft of mezcal production, deeply rooted in the traditions of Michoacán. This region, known for its vast avocado groves, untamed oceans, and forests sheltering Monarch butterflies, also boasts a rich history of craftsmanship. La Luna's commitment to creating the finest mezcal in Los Angeles and beyond has been recognized with its victory at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2021, showcasing its excellence on a global stage.

Production Highlights

At the heart of La Luna Mezcal's artisanal spirit is its adherence to traditional methods passed down through generations. The mezcal is made from a blend of wild and cultivated Agave Cupreata harvested above 2,000 meters. The piñas are roasted in cone-shaped earthen ovens lined with volcanic rocks and white oak, then macerated and fermented with indigenous yeasts in open-air wooden vats. This meticulous process culminates in double distillation in copper pans or ancestral clay pots, ensuring a product that is 100% artisanal from agave selection to distillation.

Product Details

La Luna 'Cupreata' Mezcal is a homage to the artisanal and ancestral methods that define the spirit of Michoacán. With a cooking time of 120 hours and a fermentation time of 240 hours, this mezcal is a bright, floral, and citrus-forward expression that perfectly balances smooth textures with a delicate touch of smoke, making it ideal for both sipping and cocktail creation.

Sensory Perception

The aroma of La Luna 'Cupreata' Mezcal is a bouquet of citrus blossom, floral notes, pineapple, and vanilla, inviting the senses into a world of complexity and delight. On the palate, it unfolds with flavors of lemon, apple, maple, and leather, all underpinned by a subtle smokiness that adds depth without overwhelming. This balance of flavors and aromas makes it a versatile spirit for a range of cocktails.

Pairings and Occasions

La Luna Mezcal shines in cocktails, highlighting its bright, floral notes and smooth texture. A mezcal margarita, for example, can accentuate its citrus and floral characteristics, while an old-fashioned smoky mezcal could showcase its deeper, subtler smoke and maple notes. Beyond cocktails, it pairs beautifully with foods that complement its complexity, such as grilled meats, seafood, and dishes with bold spices.

In essence, La Luna 'Cupreata' Mezcal is not just a drink; it's an experience—a reflection of Michoacán's untamed beauty, artisanal heritage, and the meticulous care that goes into each bottle. It invites connoisseurs and casual sippers to explore the depth and breadth of mezcal's rich history and vibrant flavors.


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