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Jean-Luc Colombo, France

Jean-Luc Colombo 'La Violette' Terroirs du Vent Viognier, IGP Pays d'Oc, France

Jean-Luc Colombo 'La Violette' Terroirs du Vent Viognier, IGP Pays d'Oc, France

2020 Jean-Luc Colombo 'La Violette' Viognier, IGP Pays d'Oc, France: A Floral Embrace from the South

Innovation and Heritage in Languedoc

Jean-Luc Colombo, renowned for revolutionizing Rhône Valley winemaking, introduces the 'La Violette' Viognier from IGP Pays d'Oc. This wine reflects the Colombo family's legacy of innovation, passion, and dedication, with each bottle embodying the essence of the Languedoc region. The Viognier grapes, celebrated for their aromatic complexity, are nurtured under the warm Mediterranean sun, ensuring an expressive and refined wine.

Artistry in Winemaking

To preserve its aromatic profile, the 'La Violette' Viognier undergoes meticulous winemaking processes, with controlled fermentation and maceration at cool temperatures. Aged for six months on lees, with a blend of stainless steel and oak barrel aging, this approach balances the wine's natural vibrancy with delicate textural complexity. Jean-Luc Colombo's vision brings forth a harmonious wine expression of varietal and terroir.

Aromatic Journey of Elegance

This Viognier captivates with an elegant bouquet of juicy stone fruits—peach and apricot—interwoven with subtle floral undertones. The palate delights with firm acidity and a unique chalky mineral quality, culminating in a refreshing and profound wine. It's an invitation to experience the finesse of French winemaking.

Culinary Harmony

Perfect as an aperitif or paired with the delicate flavors of seafood appetizers, chicken dishes, and crab cakes, 'La Violette' Viognier enhances each meal's aromatic richness. Its versatility and elegance make it a delightful companion for simple, sophisticated culinary adventures in Denver, Colorado.

From the Heart of France to Denver's Table

The 2020 Jean-Luc Colombo 'La Violette' Viognier is not merely a wine; it's a testament to a winemaking family's love for the land and their craft. As it journeys from the vibrant landscapes of Languedoc to the dynamic tables of Denver, it brings a touch of French elegance to every occasion, making it a cherished selection for those who seek to celebrate life's moments with grace and style.


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