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Ioppa, Italy

Ioppa 'Bricco Balsina' Nebbiolo Blend, Ghemme, Italy

Ioppa 'Bricco Balsina' Nebbiolo Blend, Ghemme, Italy

The Ioppa Legacy: A Journey Through Time

The Ioppa 'Bricco Balsina' Nebbiolo Blend, deeply rooted in Italy's Piedmont Region, is a testament to a winemaking heritage tracing back to Roman times. This story unfolds with Michelangelo Ioppa's strategic acquisition of the finest vineyards in 1852, including the illustrious Balsina. The Ioppas have meticulously nurtured this tradition, with the sixth and seventh generations today upholding their family's revered winemaking legacy.

Terroir and Technique: Crafting Excellence

The vineyards, extending across 32 hectares, blend ancient and youthful vines. The unique soil composition, a harmonious mix of clay and sandy gravel, imparts a distinct character to their wines. The Ioppas embrace environmentally conscious practices, adopting early defoliation for optimal sun exposure and committing to organic fertilization, embodying a holistic approach to vineyard care.

The Aroma and Palate Experience

The Ioppa 'Bricco Balsina' Nebbiolo Blend 2017 offers a visually bright ruby red color, transforming to orange reflections as it ages. The nose is elegantly fruity, with prominent violet notes. On the palate, it delivers a dry, well-balanced experience with a medium body and proper level of tannins. The wine's organoleptic profile reflects its terroir and the meticulous vinification process, including natural fermentation and careful aging in stainless steel vessels​​.

Savor the Moment: Pairing and Occasions

It pairs wonderfully with rich, fatty foods to complement the Nebbiolo Blend's robust tannins and striking flavors of cherry, coffee, anise, and earthy undertones. Ideal accompaniments include:

  • Savory pasta or rice-based dishes.
  • Succulent meat-based meals.
  • Poultry.
  • Medium-seasoned cheeses.

The wine's structure and flavor profile make it a surprising yet delightful match for savory Chinese dishes and spice-driven Asian cuisine. Serve it at 64-68 °F to enhance its organoleptic qualities​​.


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