Batch House - An Innovative Whiskey made in Colorado

Batch House - An Innovative Whiskey made in Colorado

Crafting Excellence: The Journey Behind Batch House Whiskey

In the heart of Denver, a revolution is quietly brewing, transforming the landscape of American whiskey. Today, I want to share the story of Batch House Whiskey, a remarkable spirit that embodies my passion, dedication, and journey into the world of whiskey-making.

A Passionate Journey

For decades, I've been deeply immersed in the world of wine, beer, whiskey, and all things booze, honing my palate and refining my craft. Recently, I found myself increasingly drawn to the complex and captivating world of whiskey. Getting into the business of great beverages and experiences wasn't some career shift for me—it was a calling. I dedicated countless hours to understanding the intricacies of distillation, aging, and blending, driven by a desire to create a whiskey that would truly stand out.

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The Colorado Whiskey Renaissance

Colorado has become a hotbed for talented Master Distillers, thanks to our pristine water sources, ideal climate, vibrant artisanal community, and demanding consumers. Seeing the incredible work being done here, especially after Laws Whiskey House won the World Whiskies Awards for its Cask Strength whisky earlier this year, inspired me to dive into this exciting scene and find a few gems.

The Birth of Batch House Whiskey

Fueled by this inspiration, I teamed up with my good friend and fellow whiskey enthusiast, Greg Norris. Our shared vision and dedication led to a discussion about supporting the launch of Batch House Whiskey's inaugural release. Greg's vision embodies a spirit that captures the essence of Colorado craftsmanship, and his whisky is so, so good! Every limited-release bottle Batch House produces is a testament to our shared commitment to quality and innovation in the heart of Colorado.

Exclusive Launch at Wine Dispensary

Batch House Whiskey officially launched on June 3rd and is available exclusively at Wine Dispensary through July 14th. This limited-time offering gives you a unique chance to experience a whiskey that's crafted with the utmost care right here in Denver.

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Tasting Notes

Batch House Whiskey greets the nose with a harmonious blend of caramel, vanilla, and oak. On the palate, it reveals layers of rich toffee, dark chocolate, and a hint of spice, leading to a smooth, lingering finish with notes of toasted nuts and a whisper of smoke. Whether you enjoy it neat, on the rocks, or as the base for a classic cocktail, Batch House Whiskey promises a memorable experience.

Join Us in Celebrating Local Craftsmanship

As we reach the midpoint of the year, I invite you to join us in raising a glass to local craftsmanship and the incredible journey of Batch House Whiskey. Discover the magic of Colorado-made whiskey and be part of a story that's as rich and complex as the spirit itself.

Visit to order your bottle today and savor the taste of true passion and artistry.

Cheers to innovation, friendship, and the relentless pursuit of excellence!

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