April 2024 Wine Club Release - Premium Tier

April 2024 Wine Club Release - Premium Tier

April 2024 Premium Tier Selection: The Pinnacle of Winemaking Excellence

This April, the Wine Dispensary's Premium Tier invites you on an exquisite journey through winemaking artistry, where tradition meets pioneering innovation. This carefully curated collection traverses from the historic vineyards of Loire Valley to the iconic estates of Napa Valley, Oregon, and Spain, each selection embodying the zenith of viticultural mastery.

Loire Valley's Flinty Elegance and Napa Valley's Luxurious Depth

Our voyage begins with the Loire Valley's 2020 Comte Henry d'Assay Pouilly Fumé Classique' Sauvignon Blanc, a wine that captures the essence of its flint-rich soil. Crafted by Corinne and Henri d'Assay, this Sauvignon Blanc is a testament to the meticulous care and passion for capturing the pure expression of Pouilly-Fumé's terroir.

Crossing the Atlantic to Napa Valley, the 2017 Freemark Abbey' Stagecoach Vineyard' Merlot showcases the opulence and depth of Atlas Peak. Aged in French barrels, this Merlot offers a luxurious taste of Napa Valley's winemaking prestige, with rich, dark fruit profiles and a complexity that speaks to the excellence of its craft.

Oregon's Craftsmanship and Spain's Albariño Purity

From the fertile lands of Columbia Valley, Oregon, the 2019 Watermill Winery' Hallowed Stones' Estate Cabernet Franc represents the harmony of innovation and tradition. With only 92 cases produced, this wine is a rare find, offering a narrative of rarity and meticulous craftsmanship that captures the essence of its estate terroir.

Concluding our journey in Spain's Rías Baixas, the 2022 Bodegas Zarate' Balado' Albariño is a testament to the purity of the Albariño grape and the sustainable viticulture practices of the estate. Limited to 2,640 bottles annually, this wine reflects the essence of its terroir, offering a crisp, mineral-driven palate that stands as a symbol of the estate's commitment to tradition and purity.

Exemplifying Winemaking Mastery

The April 2024 Premium Tier selection celebrates excellence, each wine an exemplar of its region's winemaking artistry. From the flinty soils of Loire Valley to the luxurious depth of Napa Valley, the pioneering spirit of Oregon, and the pristine purity of Rías Baixas, this collection invites our members to explore the heights of global winemaking. Join us in appreciating these extraordinary wines, each telling its story of heritage, terroir, and the passionate hands that brought it to life.

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