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Felix Solis

Felix Solis 'Vina San Juan' Tinto Red Blend, La Mancha, Spain

Felix Solis 'Vina San Juan' Tinto Red Blend, La Mancha, Spain

🍷 Felix Solis 'Viña San Juan' Tinto Red Blend, La Mancha, Spain: A Spanish Elixir in the Heart of Denver 🏔️

Denver's wine lovers prepare to embark on a Spanish vinous journey with the Felix Solis 'Viña San Juan' Tinto Red Blend, Vintage 2022. This wine encapsulates the spirit of Spain's La Mancha region, bringing a piece of its rich winemaking heritage to our vibrant city.

A Spanish Wine Odyssey: 'Viña San Juan' is more than a wine; it explores the heart of La Mancha, a land celebrated in literature and known for its expansive vineyards. This blend, featuring Merlot, Syrah, and Tempranillo, showcases the unique Spanish terroir and the expertise of Felix Solis, a name synonymous with quality in Spanish winemaking.

Tasting Journey: The wine presents a captivating dark red color, releasing aromas of red fruits laced with hints of pepper, spices, and mocha. It is welcoming and balanced on the palate, leaving a delightful finish that will enchant you.

Perfect Companions: Imagine this blend enhancing the flavors of meat dishes in rich sauces, meatballs, and mature cheeses. It's a versatile partner for a variety of Spanish and international cuisines.

Serving Suggestions: For optimal enjoyment, serve this red blend at a temperature between 53.6 °F and 57.2 °F (12 °C to 14 °C). This range helps to unlock the full spectrum of flavors and aromas.

Celebrating Spanish Excellence: The 'Viña San Juan' Tinto Red Blend is a testament to the winemaking prowess of La Mancha and Felix Solis. It's a choice that reflects an appreciation for the depth and diversity of Spanish wines.

Your Denver Experience: In Denver, where we value world-class experiences, this Spanish red blend fits right in. Whether it's a lively dinner party or a relaxed evening at home, 'Viña San Juan' adds a touch of Spanish flair to any occasion.

Discover Spain in Denver: Ready to traverse the vineyards of Spain without leaving the Mile-High City? Add the Felix Solis 'Viña San Juan' Tinto Red Blend to your wine repertoire and savor a taste as adventurous and spirited as Denver. Cheers to the joys of fine wine and cultural discovery! 🍷✨


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