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Bodegas Vina Herman, Spain

Bodegas Vina Herminia 'Herminia' Tempranillo, Rioja Baja - Oriental, Spain

Bodegas Vina Herminia 'Herminia' Tempranillo, Rioja Baja - Oriental, Spain

Step into a story of passion, legacy, and empowerment with the 2019 Bodegas Viña Herminia 'Herminia' Tempranillo from Rioja Baja - Oriental, Spain. This isn't just a bottle of wine; it's a tribute to an extraordinary woman, Herminia, born in 1889, whose spirit and beliefs have transcended time.

Herminia, a woman of wisdom and generosity, married a winemaker and became a pillar of her community. In her honor, her husband Joaquin founded this winery in 1949, embarking on a mission to create wines that are as bold and pioneering as Herminia herself. Today, more than 70 years later, Bodegas Viña Herminia continues to craft modern Rioja wines that embody her essence.

This 2019 Tempranillo is a testament to Herminia's legacy. With its beautiful bright cherry color, it's a feast for the eyes. On the nose, it's a celebration of freshness and fruitiness, kissed by delicate vanilla nuances, a nod to Herminia's elegant touch. The palate? It's round, smooth, and oh-so-satisfying, with soft pleasant tannins that whisper stories of the past while embracing the modern palate.

Aged in American and French oak casks for 4 months and matured in the bottle for another 4, this wine is perfect for those who appreciate a good tale and a great glass of wine. Whether you're savoring it solo or pairing it with your favorite dishes, the Herminia Tempranillo is more than a drink – it's a celebration of a trailblazing spirit.

Here's to Herminia, to the empowerment of communities, and to you, the savvy and discerning wine lover. Raise a glass to the past, the present, and the future, all encapsulated in this exquisite bottle of Bodegas Viña Herminia.


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