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Wine Art Estate

Wine Art Estate 'Plano' Malagousia, Macedonia, Greece

Wine Art Estate 'Plano' Malagousia, Macedonia, Greece

Plano Malagousia by Wine Art Estate is a wine that manages to maintain its role at the table, perfectly matching plenty of dishes from the Mediterranean cuisine, without sacrificing the well-known extroversion of the variety. A balanced and at the same time expressive Malagousia that can play all roles, moving along the tasting area between the explosiveness of Techni Alipias white and the austerity of Plano Assyrtiko. The label featuring a drawing compass and the name 'Plano', 'Plan' in Greek, remind us of the two founders of the Estate, civil engineer Giannis Papadopoulos and architect engineer Giannis Kalaitzidis.


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