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Oak Valley

Oak Valley ‘Beneath the Clouds’ Chardonnay, Elgin, South Africa

Oak Valley ‘Beneath the Clouds’ Chardonnay, Elgin, South Africa

"Cloud-Kissed Elegance: 2019 Oak Valley 'Beneath the Clouds' Chardonnay"

History and Pedigree

Nestled in the storied expanse of Elgin, Oak Valley Estate boasts a legacy that intertwines deeply with South Africa's agrarian narrative. Founded in 1898 by the visionary Sir Antonie Viljoen, a man of medicine turned agriculture pioneer, Oak Valley has evolved from establishing the region's first commercial apple orchards to crafting exquisite excellent climate wines. Over a century later, the estate is a testament to innovation and excellence amidst the apple and pear orchards, cut-flowers, and the majestic Groenlandberg mountain's shadow.

Production Highlights

Harnessing the unique climatic benefits of Elgin, the 2019 'Beneath the Clouds' Chardonnay is a masterclass in precision and patience. The vineyards, cradled at elevations between 300m and 500m, thrive under the cooling embrace of the Cape Doctor—a summer wind that blankets the valley in the cloud, moderating temperatures and nurturing the grapes towards a slow, flavor-intensifying ripeness. This excellent climate gem is fermented in old French Oak, weaving complexity and structure into every sip, a vivid reflection of a winemaking philosophy that prizes natural acidity and nuanced expression.

Product Details

  • Region: Elgin, South Africa
  • Varietal: Chardonnay
  • Color: Pale gold
  • ABV: 13.8%
  • Total Acid: 6.6 g/l
  • Residual Sugar: 2.1 g/l
  • pH: 3.24

Sensory Perception

The 2019 'Beneath the Clouds' Chardonnay dances on the nose with layers of ripe yellow peach, white pear, and granadilla, unfolding into a palate that balances density and freshness with remarkable finesse. Textured from lees contact yet invigorated by its cool climate roots, it offers a symphony of tangerine and green melon, culminating in an attractive tart finish that lingers like the valley's morning mist.

Pairings and Occasions

This Chardonnay's cool climate, crispness, and layered complexity make it an ideal companion for various culinary experiences. Pair it with grilled seafood, creamy pasta dishes, or roasted poultry to make a simple meal memorable. Whether a quiet evening at home or a celebration among friends, 'Beneath the Clouds' brings a touch of Elgin's elegance to every glass.

Oak Valley's 'Beneath the Clouds' Chardonnay is not just a wine; it's a journey through history, a testament to the harmony between land, climate, and winemaker's art. It invites you to savor the essence of Elgin beneath the clouds where magic resides.


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